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Great neighborhoods, schools (THS and Bell) and right near several shopping centers too. This makes it not only easy to get things, but you can find some good jobs as well. Many up-to-date parks in the area, as well as public pools and events for the whole family. Lots of new development as more people move to the area, but it's all in a good direction. Many people in Euless have jobs in Dallas or Ft. Worth, which is about a 30 minute drive either way, or you can take the Dart and it's about an hour. I was raised in this area and have has a very good experience.
The area is nice, and has a range of affordable housing. I live alone here and there have been no crimes with the exception of one instance of petty theft over the course of one year. The neighborhoods are nice, and the set of apartments I live at have a very nice community with events happening for free constantly throughout the year, with different days and times so everyone can enjoy meeting their neighbors and participating in community events if they wish.
Its a nice town, very small and quaint. Good people to go around. Very family-friendly. Town has mostly all you need and if it doesn't its not a far drive to get something. Over all a great place to get back on your feet.
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Nice small area where everything is nearby and good. There are some abrassive people once in a while but you really never see them because the number of people who want to help and are nice out number them. Many food places, and many neighborhoods for living.
Best part: perfect location, right in the center, close to one of the biggest busiest airport, safe, diverse.
The city of Euless is home to many diverse communities and schools that are rated with high marks. I am currently a resident and absolutely love the opportunities and close friendships i have grew in my giving community.
It's a quiet suburb, doesn't have much going on. It is located closely to many good schools in HEB ISD.
Amazing area, extremely pet friendly. Easy to find affordable,quality homes and apartments. Euless has a lot of things for adults and children to do for fun. The city keeps this area clean and well groomed. If you are looking for a nice place to raise your family or you're a single looking for some place to call home;Euless is the place for you. I love how Euless is centrally located, its only 10-15 minutes from Dallas,Fort Worth, Grand Prairie and Lewisville. Its like living in the city without all the city traffic. I absolutely love Euless, and so will you!
This place has a small town feel with big city amenities. Everyone seems very courteous and easy-going. Great neighbors.
It's a great city to live in. The school district here is good along with the several areas that one could choose to live, whether it be an apartment or house.
I've only lived in Euless for three months so far, and I immediately fell in love with the city. What I like about Euless is that the town is lively, people are always out and about with their families no matter where. It is a beautiful place to live in, and it is very close to other locations making it very convenient. Two significant things I would like to see a change in Euless is the safety department being more involved in the city making sure that everyone always feels safe and that they can rely on our policemen, firefighters, and paramedics. The other change I would like to see in Euless is more activities for adults and families. There are many parks to visit, movie theaters, and a mall but a lot of times you would have to go to other cities like Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington to be able to do more fun and creative activities with your friends or families.
i say poor because most of the city is poor. Well diversity, not as high crime as others, but crime is still high and because the schools are big, there's more likey for bad things to happen. If you're lookin for a house, it's most likely gonna be run down. Just look for apartments, they're everywhere in HEB. Speaking of which, if you're in an apartment, be calm when you hear gunshots an see cops. same for Hurst and bedford
The public schools system is excellent. They work really hard to educate our children. We are a small town that is centrally located. We are close to enough to major highways and airports to get the feel of the big city.
Euless is a very nice city to live and a very calm. Overall due to low crime rate. People are very passionate of the hometown high school team, and is treated more like a family.
Euless is centrally located, right in between Dallas and Fort Worth and five minutes from DFW airport. There are lots of parks and activities to do as a family. The school district is amazing with qualified teachers who genuinely care about their students. My all-time favorite thing about Euless is the diversity. My children are able to learn about different cultures and respect all cultures. It doesn’t shelter them from different views but lets them have an open mind about the different food, music, clothing, language and religion. I would give Euless 5 stars, but we all know that nothing is perfect. It has definitely grown a lot in the past fives years causing increase in traffic and highway construction. Euless has become less affordable with the increase of prices on rent and properties, as well. Regardless, Euless is still a beautiful city to live in and I would not want to raise my children anywhere else.
Euless is a nice, small city with many growing opportunities. It is family friendly, and very safe to live in.
Euless is a quiet suburb near Dallas, TX. It is fairly affordable and is not that far from the other cities that you would feel left out of the hustle and bustle of the big cities. I like that I can enjoy the busy life of the city but get back to my home in the quiet neighborhood of Euless and relax.
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Living in euless is very comfortable, friendly and affordable. I love the closeness to the major highways and the dfw airport. All the convient stores, malls and other shopping arenas are within walking distance. I would definitely recommend moving to this city for living.
Euless is right at the heart of DFW, ten minutes away from the airport! This is a great location to live in with a family and there are opportunities for all.
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