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I currently live here, and it is not a bad place to live. It is family-friendly and very quiet, you usually don't find places like that which is good.
I like the nice neighborhoods and very friendly neighbors. I am a very cautious individual and always liked to stay to myself. I moved to Euclid and found that my street has the best neighbor hood watch program and neighbors that look out for each other and help each other. It reminds me of the older days of growing up.
Grew up here....but leaving soon. Flanked by rentals with no pride in ownership. Keeps dog in the garage, barks for hours. People dont cut their grass, and constantly I see people breaking the law with no consequences. I am leaving my childhood home. We all used to care, not anymore.
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Euclid has great stores. The school district could be a lot better. It’s getting to be not safe at night now a lot of crimes and shootings. Euclid has great parks, local restaurants, bars, clothing stores. Euclid is not a bad place to live great prices for houses some houses are near the water so great views. Euclid has a lot of potential and could be a great place to raise a family and buy a house. If you never been to Euclid you should come and see all of what Euclid has to offer you’ll find a lot of places to go.
I've been living in Euclid for a couple of months now and it is absolutely wonderful. my neighbors are really respectful and outgoing people. there's no conflict within the neighborhood, there are many locations and areas to go shopping. It's just an overall amazing place to live.
I love Euclid, it’s quiet and peaceful and the people are very nice. Euclid is a great, clean community with plenty to offer, I like to walk around downtown Euclid, it’s extremely safe as well.
I like the fact that Euclid is a diverse group of people all mixed into one small melting pot. What I do not like is that the police in Euclid seem to make it their goal to offend people. They're just plain rude. The housing is decent. If you look around and be patient you'll definitely be able to find a gem. Elementary schools were all just rebuilt from the ground up so that's a plus. Also a new junior high is being built right next to the high school. Seems to be on the up.
What I like about Euclid is great place to live in. I've went to Euclid public schools where I received great education. Also, I met many life time friends that I've grown up with. I feel the area is great for kids because of the local parks, recreations such as YMCA and pools, and public library opened to everyone. Euclid has been a very nice, peaceful neighborhood. I've lived here almost my entire life. It's quiet, peaceful, and nice environment.
I have been living in euclid for 20+ years. My daughter attended school here and graduated from Euclid High School. When we moved here in the 80’s it was very diverse and a beautiful place to live. Over the years, as with anything else it has gotten bad. The school system is not what it used to be. It has failing grades when it comes to the state report cards. Some areas are worst than others but i guess I’m used to it now. I could never understand growing up what people meant when they said i can’t affors to move, i understand it now. What i would like to see happen is for Euclid to be the place of beauty and diversity it used to be. When i can open my windows and not worry about somebody coming through them. Clean up the streets from the drug dealings and transactions being done in front of your home. The sounds of gun shoots in the backyard or across the streets to go away. I wish i could go back to feeling safe in my home.
Like the neighborhood has all the stores that you need to get to nearby, I would like to see more nearby malls and for Cleveland to have less abandoned houses
Location Location Location. The plot of land is fantastic with the beach clubs and the homes on the waterfront and all the waterfront is done alot better than Lake County to the East.

The rest of the city however is old and needs a clean up. Some might call Euclid a diverse city since it has a majority African American population. I would not it just has black people and white people. Euclid has no real asian, hispanic, Indian or Arabic population. I think if it had an influx of those other minority groups it could be the quickest path for a city turn around.
For the most part, Euclid, OH is a quiet, friendly suburb. However, recently my family and I, (African American) have experienced a bit of targeting since we moved to our new street in Euclid. Our new home is only a 2 minute drive from our previous home, same exact area code but the atmosphere on the new street is very unwelcoming. We've had city council called on us several times with neighbors complaining of very petty issues. We have voiced our concerns on these issues but they have not yet been resolved.
the area is good but it is kinda dirty. there is a lot to do in a little area but stores are not easily findable. all in all i don't mind it here but it could be safer
Many diverse mixed cultures/races and ages.
A lot of neighbors/ people have pets ( preferably dogs and cats)
Generally presentable and decent. Reasonably safe. Has almost anything you could need or want within the vicinity of the suburb area.
Multicultural area with community resources for everyone. Excellent library, senior center, green spaces and shopping on the bus line.
I've been a resident of Euclid for over 19 years! I've went to Euclid public schools where I received great education. Also, I met many life time friends that I've grown up with. I feel the area is great for kids because of the local parks, recreations such as YMCA and pools, and public library opened to everyone. They have Shore Cultural Center that does food drives, Wic, daycares, farmer markets, and blood drive. Euclid also has great police offers who are decent at responding to emergencies. Lastly Stores and Family oriented restaurants everywhere!
Euclid has been a very nice, peaceful neighborhood. I've lived here almost my entire life. It's quiet and peaceful. I would recommend the area to those looking for a good neighborhood.
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Euclid is a small city with not a ton to offer. The local park has some fun events during the summer and some of the churches through out the city have fun carnivals. Food establishments are lacking and there always seems to be construction going on.
Euclid has great parks, good schools, and it’s a smaller city not to much traffic. One thing I would change is all the construction that going on it’s a little annoying but it is much needed. I feel they should have done one street at a time.
I have lived in Euclid for a little over 10 years. I attended high school here, made friends here, walked around a majority of this entire city, and enjoy the atmosphere. The people here are very nice, friendly, open to talk to with regular conversation. The jobs are pretty decent as there is a mini plaza and shopping area in the center of the city and a lot of food options to choose from all around the city. The schools are decent and you can get to the freeway/shore way/high way (which ever you prefer to call it) from multiple places in this city.
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