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Ettrick community is located a 3 minutes away from Virginia State University. One thing that I like about Ettrick is the accessibility and convenience. Within walking distance there are multiple fast food options along with grocery stores such as Walmart, Food lion, dollar tree etc. The only thing i would like to see change is the appearance of the buildings/housing. They are great on the inside however they look run down and not so appealing on the outside.
Since moving here from California it has been a completely different experience. It is really quiet and peaceful and not a big community. I enjoy the peacefulness and the fact that most places you need to go are in walking distance. The only thing I would change is the job market. It is not easy to find due to the small location.
You don't hear anything about crime in this area.
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The area where I live now is a great atmosphere. I am a college student at Virginia state University and if I were able to do it all over again I would. This place is such a great place to be, the ranking of this area is great and in the future I see tons of job opportunities and better atmosphere than what it already is.
Our neighborhood is getting better. Most houses are occupied, with a few empty because they are for sale.
And it's getting better! Old Town Petersburg has the best collection of unique restaurants, and it's growing.
With Fort Lee nearby, there are plenty of job opportunities.
The Tri-Cities area is still working on a nice collection of retail and mom-and-pop shops and restaurants. There are some things we have to travel to Richmond for.
they are ok. there are not too many of them and the ones we do have are privately owned.
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