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There is no grocery store and very poor public transportation. Only one church in town, not my denomination. Must have car and drive at least 30 minutes to get to any useful services, including laundromat.
The community newsletter always makes me feel like a part of the town. I love our library and it's programs. Neighbors are mostly quiet.
There is not much to say on the crime and safety aspects of this place. Not too many people get violent with others mostly because there are not a lot of people to begin with. Most crimes have to do with drugs.
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The area in which I live, the Pioneer Valley, is not the quality of life you want when speaking on a wider scale. Although some people have made a living for themselves in this hidden landscape of Massachusetts, others struggle greatly. The average income for a two parent family is a little over $40,000/yr. Also, the drug problem is increasingly growing, first starting more toward central Mass and Vermont. It has bled into the community and its' citizens causing many problems along the way.

In contrast, the setting is magnificent and those who do get out and experience the beauty of western Massachusetts will tell you firsthand.
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