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I enjoy the views around town and the environment. South Broadway is extremely close and always has something going on. However, some of the laws in place in the city of Englewood are ridiculous. For example, recycling can only be picked up on the street in front of your house, not in alleyways (even if this means putting people at risk). Not being able to have recycling picked up, even after paying for it is ridiculous and apparently a law straight from the city of Englewood.
Potential for growth-Community feel
The School system provides connection to the community, by providing many neighborhood elementary options that feed into the middle/high school campus. The option for an alternative middle/high school also provides equal opportunity for growth among students in the community.
I love Englewood! It's so great! I love the public schools, the nightlife, the real estate market, the safety, the family friendliness, the affordability, etc.
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Easy commute to downtown Denver, good community programs and parks, convenient access to light rail. Cost of living has gone up but the area has improved as well
Depending on the area of Englewood you live in it can be beautiful. The community is wonderful and the homes are wonderful. I dont go to school in the Englewood district but I have friends who go there who are in honors classes and love the school.
Great! I love Colorado and all it has to offer! Englewood is so central to almost everything in Denver it's a fantastic focal point for anyone adventurous! It's close to downtown, close to south Denver, Easy access to C470, and easy access to I25! The cost of living isn't terrible either!
Great place to live, lots of restaurants, shops, and entertainments all close to one another. It is a "working man's" suburb so it isn't that ritzy but a lovely place to live.
I like the safety here but I wish the community was more tight knit. I go to Cherry Creek High School and I really wish it was more diverse in terms of students and teachers. Everyone looks, thinks, acts, and dresses the same way.
The nice thing about Englewood is being a small town you get to know a lot of people. Also, it is very common for people to stay in Englewood so you are able to see your childhood friends. My mom and I graduated from the same high school, which is special to me because it shows how much Englewood has done for our family.
I have lived in my current location for 4 years. Most apartments are affordable and houses run from 280,000 to 340, 000 near where I live in Englewood. I live 1/2 mile from Bellview Park and Pirate's Cove WaterPark. What would I like to see a shakeup of the drug problems although not a major issue it draws on the good points of the area. South Broadway has Homelessness issues.
I love living in Englewood. It is very safe and enjoyable community to live in. Although it is not a place to live if you are looking for great nightlife, it is a very nice place to raise a family or if you are looking for a quiet, safe place to live.
It may not be very affordable; however, I like the community and feel that it is worth it.
Easy to get anywhere in the city. Still a small community where you know a lot of the town members. Lots of attractions within the city limits. Schools and class sizes are small so children get individualize learning opportunities.
Very good location for access to Denver and the mountains. Plenty of sites and recreation, while keeping the smaller town feel.
I like living in Englewood. I've lived here for years. There are lots of parks to go running or walk your dogs. It's a pretty quiet and clean city. The prices for houses have increased throughout the years. The public schools need improving on. Not the best schools for your kids to go.
I have lived in Englewood almost all my life. It is a great area to take morning walks and the people are kind. Though at night I wouldn't consider being alone. There are plenty of parks and dog friendly areas. Public schools are not the best. I would like for the schools to improve. Englewood has become more expensive throughout the years.
I like that it still has a local feel. There are only local businesses in Englewood. It is still close to all highways and a short drive up Broadway to Downtown Denver. I would like to see some progression in recycling and sustainability offerings with more community clean up and involvement.
It is a small united community within the larger Denver city. You get the small town feel within our capital city.
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One of the lightrail lines runs directly through Englewood so it helps a lot with commutes. There are also a lot of great local restaurants around.
I grew up in Englewood, and I do like the town a lot. I think that it has been getting worse lately, and that it has become less safe over the last few years though. And yet, it has also gotten more expensive. I'd like to see better regulation of people smoking pot and some kind of system set up to manage/assist
My family has been in Englewood for three generations and I can't say enough about the good ole "Englehood." As a kid you grow up knowing everyone, you know each other from kindergarten to your senior year and I really think that makes Englewood special. I can walk my neighborhood and I have friends, family, and memories on every single block. Englewood has beautiful parks, you don't have to travel far to get to really anything you need, and we are growing! In the past few years, Colorado has become a popular place to live. It both excites me and also makes me sad. I love seeing the new local stores and people. I love seeing improvements to our city as well. I do however have trouble with the rising cost of living and the unavoidable traffic. Englewood is where I will raise my son and where I choose to spend the future.
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