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Ok school system not the best. community is ok but people are always in your business. The town it self aint the best in not a fan of this place but i only have 1 more year left so im just going to keep pushing through it one day at a time. The job oppertunites here are mostly fast food and stores thats about it, i feel like this town could do more to improve it self but they spend there money on dumb crap like 100,000 dollar statues that say emporia on it all for show and i feel they do all of these big projects and start one but never finish the rest of them. The school system in this town is ok to not the best. Im not a fan of the highschool in this town its somewhat segurated and people there are not nice. The school needs a stronger discipline issues besides just giving a kid ISS or OSS for multiple fights i feel like there is a better way to go with the situation besides just a slap on the wrist. The job selection could me greatly imorived if they had good jobs that people like
Emporia is a very comfortable, rural town. I feel safe everywhere I go, and people are generally friendly. I have been impressed with how much there is to do in a smaller town, too. There are plenty of coffee shops and restaurants to satisfy you. I cannot say too much about activities in town though, as I have only been here during the COVID19 era.
I have lived in Emporia for 17 years and it has been great. We have a variety of restaurants as well as fast food places. It may be a small town but with the right people there is so much to do and explore!
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Its a small town but there is not much to do in the town. Its kind of depressing because you just feel isolated and lonely. The only good thing is the crime rate isn't that bad however the crime rate is getting worse. Also if roads are messed up the city takes forever to fix the streets which is annoying. I feel like this town would be better if we had more entertaining things to do in town
Emporia KS is an incredibly calm and relaxing town. The streets are filled with citizens who share common values of family and responsibility and the town is surrounded by the great plains of the country.
Emporia is not like other small towns. It has issues of course, but they are vastly outweighed by the great things emporia has to offer. The art scene is pretty big and very supportive of the college art students. There is a great bar scene and a lot of live music.
Emporia is a small town but it's calm, danger freetown. For us teenagers we say there is nothing to do in Emporia, and that’s okay, we can still go out with friends with no worries. Also for our safety we are only allowed to be out until 11. This keeps us out of trouble and also safe at home. Emporia has places where you can go with friends and have a good time. There are good job opportunities and there is great schools, we have private schools and we have public schools. The neighborhoods are calm and friendly, no one complains unless there is a reason to. The people are kind and treat each other with respect even if we don’t know each other. Overall the town of Emporia us a great town to be in.
It is a very involved community. There is always something you can do. There is many activities that are inviting to the whole community.
I have lived in Emporia for a good 17 years of my life. There has been a lot of change through the years, good and bad. I like that genuine city is some what still the same even with new upcoming. The community is friendly and events are pretty great. I kind of wish that there was a little more diversity in the school districts.
Emporia Kansas is big but not huge. The best part about Emporia is the church atmosphere. Being from Eugene, Oregon which is a predominately liberal state, it is very hard to have a close relationship to God. However, here in Emporia, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to advancing your relationship with God. The people are so friendly, the food is FANTASTIC, and you can always find something to do. Everyone is very close to each other and it helps build a lot of connections that may even lead to potential work experiences. Emporia is the place to be, especially if you are looking for a place that is cheap compared to most other places in the country.
I haven't lived in Emporia for long, but so far I enjoy how friendly everyone I've met has been. It's bigger than my hometown, and has several more things to do.
It may be a small college town, but you'll never be bored. There is always something to do in town. From the Dirty Kanza bike race, to the bar crawls, to the commercial street welcome back party. Emporia is a cute town.
Emporia is a nice average size town. There is not a lot to do but there are things that can keep you busy in your free time. It is a very affordable town with nice houses and plenty of apartments.
Emporia Kansas is a great town! They have lots of activities and great community to meet new people.
Emporia is a good place for family, but there is not a lot of activities that are available for families, the things that are available are great for family events.
It has a small-town feel, but not everybody knows your business. It' s a college town, so there are many outreach programs for students who attend local colleges/universities. Homey atmosphere overall and the people are very kind.
You have well-built relationships with many families and it is hard to go somewhere without seeing someone you know. There are things to do, but there's not as much to do as there would be in a bigger city, as Emporia is relatively small.
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I love my home town Emproia, Kansas it is the best town I have known. It was founded on February 20 (my birthday), 1857. With many rich history as their is their is also much to have here. There are many opportunities for the town. There is a town university giving opportunists to the students who wish to further their education and get a career they are interested and have a passion for. There are a lot of business for people who are interested in business careers. Emporia may be small but it has a lot to offer the individual, not only is there education opportunities but the history is unique. Emporia is the home town of William Allen White who was a newspaper editor, politician, author, and leader of the Progressive movement. In the 1890s. He was a big inspiration to the civilians in Emporia back them and now. These are some reasons why Emproia Kansas makes such a great town to live in.
I live in the country right outside of Emporia. I was born in Emporia and have lived my whole life here. Emporia is a great town with a lot of job opportunities and a great college.
Emporia needs to bring more jobs to town so people do not have to commute for jobs. Also need to bring more stores/eating places to town. Also need to build or bring in more stuff for kids/families to do here.
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