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Emeryville has its pockets of cool, but the city is dominated by a high rise apartments/condos, and by big box & chain stores (Target, Ikea, etc.) with huge parking lots. And the freeway is a big presence. Steep housing prices but not much sense of neighborhood. Crime is a factor.
We moved from San Francisco to Emeryville in 2006 & never looked back! We were fortunate enough to buy a place in Emeryville and have enjoyed it’s close proximity to SF & it’s relaxing, convenient, clean & the new influx of restaurants & bars.
Also please note that the crime rate is calcluated using the tally of 11,000 residents which is very misleading as the daytime population in Emeryville Skyrockets to over 1,000,000 people with so many businesses & retail shopping destinations in Emeryville. If you base the crime rate off of the daytime population & not the “nighttime” residential population (of 11,000) the crime rate is actually the lowest in the Bay Area for the amount of ppl that are here during the daytime (when Crimes tend to occur/car smash & grab burglaries at parking lots.)
It’s a very family friendly & welcoming city for can it not be when a majority of its daytime population & residents work at Pixar Studios!
There are so many place to shop and great restaurants close by. Area is safe and full of diversity within the people and the ages. Nice weather and places to hike and run.
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Emeryville is a small town that swells into a medium city due to the daytime worker influx. There are a lot of well-known companies here, including Novartis,, Jamba Juice, Cliff Bar, Peet's Coffee, etc. However, this can make the 1sq mi town seem a bit crowded. That said, all of the tax money makes for well-manicured streets, a big boom in culinary experiences, and great views of SF.
I've lived here for seventeen years. It's a nice quiet town and they have built more apartment buildings for people to live in.
It is very convenient place to live and commute to school, however, I would like to see changes of homeless around this area.
Emeryville is a progressive emerging city. It is quickly evolving for the better in all respects. For example 15 years ago I would have rated all categories one star, except commute time 5 stars and diversity 4 stars. The quality of life living here has dramatically improved for all populations.
Emeryville is a small city right outside of Oakland that is now up coming with all the technology coming to the Bay Area.
Very multi cultural with lots new shops and housing.
I love living here! The community is really nice and there is a bunch of cool,stuff to do. I do think they should stop building so many hotels though, it's getting pretty crowded.
I love it here. I find every part of this place beautiful. I would like to see a change in keeping that way and to stop pollution. For example, picking up trash and to recycle.
I have lived in Emeryville for18years.I have seen thecity chage dramticallyover the years. It just keeps getting better.
Emeryville is a small cute town with a lovely view of the entire Bay Area (when it is not too foggy). There is a free shuttle system that takes you to the BART system which makes the rest of the Bay Area very accessible. There are plenty of shops and groceries within walking distance and many dog-friendly places to live.
Being nestled between Berkeley and Oakland, Emeryville's feeling of safety isn't the best. I certainly felt safer in the neighborhood I grew up in, but here isn't too bad. I know the police station is a short walk, bike ride, or bus ride away, and I know that my apartment building has a courtesy patrol of security guard(s) around the block of the building. I haven't noticed any crime in the area at all.
I've only ever lived in the bay area, so I don't have anything else to compare it to, but compared to living in San Mateo and Foster City, it's really nice. It's my first time living away from home/my family, but I don't feel out of my element or confused. Emeryville has really good public transport, with free buses going to and from BART and local shopping areas.

While the cost of living/rent has basically doubled in the past two years I've lived here, most apartment buildings inthe area have been renovated to look more modern and new buildings have been going up, so it's a logical increase.

The people here are friendly, willing to strike up a conversation if you're both sitting for the bus or just happen to be walking in the same direction for a while.

On my block, my apartment building has a courtesy patrol driving around the neighboring few blocks to prevent crime, which had been a frequent problem. This is the one area that Emeryville could improve on, but in the year and a half I've been living here it's been steadily getting better.
If you like cold places, it's the place to be.
You can find anything u want
It pays, so no complaints
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They are okay and get the job done.
I'm currently looking for a job for school money.
poverty is clear in this area, yet nothing is beginning done.
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