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I sleep with a gun by my bed, people do not care about you, your kids or your belongings. Everyone is so out for themselves and have raised their kids to be just as selfish. The neighbors on our street do look out for each other but we have lived here 10 plus years.
I have a deep connection to Elyria. I have lived here my whole life. Elyria gets a bad representation from other cities around us. People tend to put us in a terrible category, saying that we are awful, not family friendly, and consumed with crime- it's not true.
Elyria is a family. We're a community that helps out people who are less fortunate. We are populated with people who aren't particularly millionaires. We know how to take care of others and to offer assistance. We stick up for our hometown- our family, when others try to put it down.
I have always adored Elyria, and I will continue to do so.
My experience with Elyria was good. It's a pretty decently populated town with very friendly people. Most businesses there are booming. However, the mall there shut down. That used to be the central hub, but things are looking up because a new hospital is going to be built there, allowing much closer access to healthcare.
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I small diverse and safe place to raise a family. There are parts of Elyria that aren’t the best areas but most of the town is very safe. There’s not much to do in Elyria, but there is plenty to do around it.
I would rate Elyria as terrible because the crime rate is high and the school's grade card is low. Our mall is basically non-existent and our downtown is empty. We continue to get businesses here that just can not make it because they are more of a moderate to high income base. Even though there are many here that are not poor, I would say overall this is a poor to low class city. There are very few things other than parks here in Elyria for families to enjoy. The amount of restaurants is okay but very few decent priced. Major stores consist of Walmart, Target and Big Lots. This use to be a great town to live in but not so much any more. There is crime on all sides, worn down houses and roads. The one bright thing in Elyria is the new schools that are being built but with that being said I am hoping that they wisely spend the money. Elyria High School wasted a lot of money that could have went towards our student's learning.
Elyria is your typical town that has its strengths and weaknesses. There are nice shopping centers near the college, Lorain County Community College, along with various restaurants nearby. There is a lot of construction going on, and many places are run- down and/ or going out of business. Overall, there are nice areas and bad areas. It is shame how quickly Midway Mall has deteriorated.
I have been an Elyria resident since birth. The town is diverse, comfortable, quiet, quaintly beautiful, but sadly dying a little everyday. Many small businesses do not last more than a year, and our large attractions, such as the Midway Mall, have all but gone away. Some prospect for revival is looming, but nothing is set in stone. Regardless of these facts however, I call this place home, and I would not have chosen a different place to grow up if I could have.
Elyria has fallen into hard times it's not what it used to be. The worst is the midway mall area so many closed stores you wonder how do people even make a living here. I believe Elyria can be great once again. I believe Elyrias new mayor Frank Whitfield will get Elyria back up on the city's feet.
I grew up in Elyria. It is all around a decent city. However, there are a lot of dangerous roads in need of repair. Once repair of dangerous roads has begun, the construction takes far longer to complete than estimated.
Very small town, lots of small businesses which makes it nice. A little unsafe though. Public schools have very good oppurtunities and work hard to help the community.
I've lived in Elyria most of my life and I'd say that it's pretty average. I don't think Elyria is that special.
Elyria is suffering from poverty and the flight of industry endemic to the Rust Belt. People here are mostly poor, and typically live here while commuting to their jobs elsewhere, due to the low living cost. Mayor Brinda is attempting to draw new business by rebuilding the roads and schools, and the medical sector is booming, but there are simply too many other, more attractive locations for new businesses and investments, such as Avon and North Ridgeville, that are receiving immigration.
Elyria is a pretty basic midwest town. It does not have much wow-factor. If you were driving through you aren't going to find much. What you will find is a dying mall that desperately needs to get torn down. Elyria is slowly making a comeback, however, as industry in the town is still holding on as some other towns have fallen. Different parts of the town are starting to thrive, as like those around chestnut commons and on the north side. Some parts are also pretty rough and downtown is not very pleasant. Hopefully, Elyria becomes stronger as a new election is coming up.
I like that there is a variety of places to shop and eat, and that it is close to a lot of other areas that offer even more option.
This city has good and bad. I think we really try to be a community and I see people coming together to make a change as of late. There are bad parts as well, just like any city. However, I believe the city is getting better as a community .
I love the area. It is close to just about everything but not busy like Cleveland. Sadly, it is not the safest place to be.
I enjoy living in Elyria because my family is local and I have easy access to all major highways and the Ohio Turnpike which allows me to go anywhere I need to quickly and easily.
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Life in Elyria, Ohio isn't the best.. the streets are bad people are all rude to each other, drug deals happen everywhere, fights happen in the schools almost daily, there is not a lot of safe places in Elyria during the night and sometimes even during the day. Living here has molded me into stern yet kind person.
Lots of crimes, drugs, and no jobs. its so hard to find a good job in Elyria or even around Elyria. There's nothing there except fast food. The workers are EXTREMELY terrible when it comes to customer service. So glad we left. There are worse places but Elyria is definitely one of them. The school and teachers are terrible, I went there my schooling. there isn't really anything to do in Elyria
What I liked about Elyria is everybody knows everybody. Their are some down falls though as well. Elyria took a turn for awhile with businesses closing down, empty buildings everywhere, kids not being kids but now I can honestly say I finally see change. A new Library getting put in downtown , more businesses trying to better the future.
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