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Elmwood Park is a very family-friendly area, with a lot of small business on one of the main roads. While it is a small town, there are many roads and highways surrounding that can take you just about anywhere from New York City in just 20 minutes to the shore in an hour. While there are several highways, it is a generally quiet town. Elmwood Park offers a lot for the community like concerts at the recreation center, many competition and clinic sports from the k-12 level such as wrestling, cheerleading, soccer, street hockey, basketball, etc. Overall, a very diverse population, with nice people, surrounded by a lot.
I’ve lived in Elmwood Park my entire life. Having gone to the high school and the middle school, my teachers never failed to make me feel warmth. The police in my town prove to make sure everybody in town is safe and secure. It’s an average, small town, but it’s home. At the end of the day, Elmwood Park will always be home to me no matter where I go.
Worse place for small business. Please do not come here to invest your money for business. You will get hard time
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Interesting town. Corrupt local politics. Not business friendly. No downtown. Okay schools. Some pour over from Paterson. Good community events although they should be moved to Market Street instead of the rec field. Too many franchises make it too expensive for local business. Expensive to live here when the town offers so little. Look elsewhere.
It is a great town. Great people, who are very kind and welcoming. The town is very modern and diverse. Neighbors are very welcoming.
I have lived in Elmwood Park for 23 yrs. I enjoy the family atmosphere. My children grew up in a diverse community which is wonderful in today's society. The schools are getting better though safety is still a concern.
I've been living here about two years. I'm not really active in the community but I like that Elmwood Park has a little fair every summer which is really family friendly. There's a few bars that are nice to hang out and watch sports. I like the location because it's close to a lot of major highways (rt 80, 46, and the parkway).
People are decent, however the town itself seems like it's struggling to find an identity. Real estate development has sort of thrown off the old charm of the town making it personality-less. No downtown.
Finally moved out of E. P. This town has one blaring problem, it's boring!! There is nothing to do here, there is only 2 good bars, less than a handful of restaurants, and almost no small businesses. Much of the space is wasted on crappy strip malls with places like subway and dunkin donuts. There is no downtown here.

The last straw for my decision to leave EP was when they decided to build the Altair condominium along the Passaic River. Residents were pushing for the construction of a marina and downtown to finally give this town some pep, but we somehow ended up with a retirement home. Personally, I would stay away from this town.
Elmwood Park struggles to really stick out as particularly good place to live. It's boring. No downtown, only two bars with very few restaurants. The infrastructure seems out of place compared to neighboring towns, its very bland with valuable real estate wasted on big outlets,mini malls, condos, and over sized two family homes. There is NO small businesses here. It's crazy and the town should be ashamed. We don't need anymore dunkin donuts or 7-11, for god's sake. Housing here is very expensive for what the town has to offer, which is virtually zero. What this town really lacks is any sense of personality or character, which can be blamed on the crooks that run the town.
Elmwood Park is a small town with the cliché ¨everybody knows everybody¨ atmosphere. Yet, there is a beauty to that cliché. Kindness lingers when neighbors greet each other in the early mornings. The air smells of freshly cut grass on the weekends. You see a friend in each stranger that walks past. It is the most perfect suburb to feel secure in. The only thing I would change about Elmwood Park is its variety of leisurely activities. Oftentimes, I find there is not much to do, so I tend to make plans in other towns.
I've grown up in Elmwood Park. Doesn't have a great public school system. High taxes for not the best area.
The school district and what it offers to its students needs to be improved. The people al get along greatly together but there needs to be a more safer feeling in the schools and need to have a safer feeling of the whole twon. The town can have unknowns that we do not know about that can affect us later on in our life and I feel like that is something that needs improvement, other than that the entire town is lively and all the people have a great time with each other.
A nice small quaint town, but not much to do for a college student. A safe town, but not the best of schools. Decent amount of gang activity to be expected, as it is very close to New York City.
I like how I have the option to go places whenever I'd like to.We have many stores and places to eat near me. Where I live, everything is within a 5-10 minute drive, which makes it easier and less money spent on transportation. I also like having daily necessities available when needed. What I do not like is how the houses are very close to one another. I prefer living in a house where there I would have privacy and my in my backyard are woods. Living in Elmwood Park you do not have that option.
Such a family oriented neighborhood. Safe to run if one is a runner. Quiet and welcoming. Everyone is so nice here. I love it.
I live on the same street as a police man's parents and also a firefighter so I always see them and their cars around and creates a sense of safety for me.
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My town is quiet but yet it is not isolated. It is a tiny town of less than 3 miles long but yet we still have a shopping center, recreational center for kids and teens. Overall I think it is a great place to live and plan on buying a house here when I'm able to live on my own.
I haven't noticed any crime in the area. I walk the dog at night and it is always very quite.
The area is quite, clean and easy to get to every major NJ highway. Transportation to NY is great there are busses to take you every from the Mall to NY. Great parks for the kids and a lovely Rec Center for anything from playing basketball to a gym.
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