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Elma is a beautiful small suburb outside of Buffalo perfect for anyone wanting a quiet place to live. There is not much commotion or heavy traffic. It has a small town feel without being too far away from local conveniences such as grocery stores and gas stations. The Elma Town Grille is great local restaurant to eat at and the Elma Town Park is beautiful. It is connected to the Iroquois School District, which is an excellent place for anyone's children to go. Would recommend to anyone!
It's a quiet, safe suburban town halfway between shopping plazas and cornfields. The people here are very kind, and the schools are good, with good teachers and students who take care of one another. Small businesses are supported and often thrive, and many people choose Elma as an ideal place to start a family.
Most of the houses are well maintained and can be purchased at a reasonable purchase price.
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Very accepting of new people, a real sense of community and friendship.
It is a very safe area.
I love Elma. It is a quiet town with lots of things to do. The people here are wonderfully supportive and helpful. The area is maintained and people generally care about how it looks.Great place to raise a family.
There are occasional issues but nothing that would make me feel scared.
I like the space we have where we are. It's easier to feel safe and have a more private life rather than living really close to neighbors.
There's rarely any crime here.
It's nice but there's not a ton to do without driving at least 10 miles
The local reps are always out meeting the townspeople and you can always count on having quick emergency responses.
There are always people outside exercising no matter the weather.
It is a small town but always something to go do in the night!
The largest attraction in the area is Niagara Falls, and its beauty throughout the year.
Everyone knows everyone and it is a strong sense of community.
There is not a path you can travel without coming across a police or trooper vehicle scanning for problems.
I love living around here, and I love that you get a taste of the country without being far from local shops and the grocery store.
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The outdoors in this area is scattered with empty bottles, but other than the littering problem we have a beautiful quality of parks to visit.
The transportation in this area is quality, except if you own a vehicle. The roads are scattered with potholes and need to be repaired.
The seasons here are either winter or summer. Winter snow does effect commuting and road conditions. Plows are frequently out on the busy roads but sometimes the smaller roads do not get plowed as often. Not many natural disasters are seen in this area.
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