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We have very few attractions in the area. We have a good Mexican restaurant that brings in visitors, and our parades are entertaining. Other than those listed, there is little reason to visit.
My sense of safety is moderate, I would suggest being aware of the surroundings and using the buddy system. Crime rates are pretty low aside from drug use. The police are typically present, but I do not believe they are effective.
The weather is either really hot or really cold. I do not think it impacts my life a lot. We all have vehicles that help us get through the snow storms, and the city owns snow scrappers to help maintain the roads. We have about two large snow storms a year. My most essential item would be a light jacket.
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There are very few healthy food options for the community. Many of the restaurants are chains.
There are very few job opportunities for individuals in the area. Some options include fast food and manufacturing work.
Very few local business for visitors. The stores that do exist are flea markets and second hand.
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