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Elk Ridge is a great place raise a family. Its a little bit of a commute to any grocery stores, and freeways, but if you don't mind the drive its super nice. Everyone is super friendly, and I'm glad we chose to live here.
This area is a fantastic area to live in! I love the accessibility to local Canyons, trails, and mountain bike areas. As an avid cyclist, I enjoy climbing the hills in my backyard, whether it be on the road, or on the mountain. The views are absolutely gorgeous, both of the nearby mountains and valley. It is also nice to be out of the winter smog that sets in about January, something we mostly escape here. Neighbors are fantastic, we have a relatively close-knit community up here. In light of the recent fires and water issues of the past, most of those issues have been mostly taken care of, and it was great to see the community rally around each other in this hard stage of people's lives. I also doubt that we will have another fire of the magnitude we have had this last summer.
Quiet beautiful small town fill but close enough to the larger cities with plenty of wild life. The neighbors are always willing to help out when someone is in need weather it be pulling weeds or shoveling snow.
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Everyone here is so kind, accepting, and loving. Your neighbors become family and you feel safe here all the time. It's a city that is always looking to improve, and the city areas are always kept clean and the roads are kept in good shape. There is next to nothing to do here, but the people and environment make up for it. There's nothing better than being able to look out over the entirety of Utah Valley, and then turn around and be right up against the majesty of the Rocky Mountains.
I love Elk Ridge! It is beautiful and very quite. The people are pleasant and the city is very well managed.
Elk Ridge Utah is a nice quite place with beautiful nature all around you!
There is only one thing I don't like is not having a 4wheel drive car to get up the hills durning the winter.
Overall it's a great place to live with lots of great and friendly neighbors!
Side walks and street lights would be nice.
It is beautiful with wonderful people, it has a very small town feel.
Most of the houses in this area tend to be much nicer than most. This community does, however, allow you to build your own home for those with low income.
The community is great! Most people tend to come here for retirement, and as a place to settle down. Almost everyone is pet/family friendly and this community has much engagement in events.
We have never really had a problem with crime safety, so I would not let this be an issue. The only reason I put "OK" is because there has been an incident or two in the last 10 years where we have had one or two fires started by teens. In general, it is great.
The atmosphere here is great, with all sorts of weather changes throughout the year. If I could choose, I would definitely choose to live here again, and I would rank it above most neighborhoods I have seen for a few reasons.

The first is because it is small, and a friendly neighborhood, but lacks any stores or much business due to its size. The people are great, just be aware of snowy winters.
The area is beautiful. Living in the mountains overlooking the valley. Having wild life stroll through your yard. Friendly neighbors who are always willing to lend a hand. Best place ever.
Love living in this beautiful area
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