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Elk Mound where I have grown up. I have loved the small community atmosphere. I really enjoy the safe feel that is in the town. You know almost everyone in some way or another. I would like the town to grow a little bit more in terms of having more businesses in the community.
Very quiet town, everyone knows everyone, friendly neighborhood, kids plays on the street until late, lots of animals around, small park just outside of the town, all three school buildings are very close, small gas station in town, a fast food place that has very good food, library with different hours, and a disposal for everyone who doesn't use pick up dumpsters.
You need schooling to have a good job in this area but like myself, not many people can afford school without grants and scholarships. School might not be possible if I can't obtain the funding.
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Want beer? Welcome to Wisconsin. There's beer around every corner. Crafts, domestic, homebrews, amateurs and professionals. There's alcohol everywhere you turn in Wisconsin. Whether you like it or not.
The majority of businesses in the area are larger corporations and because of that, the small businesses have to charge more to stay in competition with them. The small businesses in the area often have friedlier employees and better products, but sadly fewer customers can afford their prices. Consumers such as myself are very poor by nature and are forced to shop for goods from the monsters of sales. It'd be much nicer to help local businesses, but honestly nobody can really afford to these days.
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