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Small and quaint town with good schools and a growing local economy. There is overwhelming support for local and small businesses in this area.
Safe, enjoyable, quite, good fast food selections, Wal-Mart., lowes. Miss the rue21. Catos decent for ladies shopping. Middle school, decent and mid-city, local DMV.
I recently moved here about 2 months ago from Florida and it has been a great experience. It is definitely a quiet and friendly area compared to living in Florida.
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An amazing small town where most people are friendly. There is a college campus and easy access to other towns surrounding the area. Plenty of schools and hospitals. A great place to raise a family and enjoy the beautiful scenery with the mountains all around the city.
Elizabethton is a nice safe place to live but theres not alot to do for younger people, mostly a great place for retirement but very beautiful mountains
I love the feel of Elizabethton. It is a quiet little area where to raise a family. The other families that live in Elizabethton are very nice. I couldn't imagine raising a family any where else. I love Tennessee.
Elizabethton is a small city in which I know a lot of people who live here. There is not really much to do here except eat, but Johnson city is only 15 minutes away and they have a bunch of stuff to do during the day or at night!
Elizabethton is my hometown and a great place to raise a family. With Beautiful mountain views and clear water rivers this town gives you the perfect down-home country feel. Weather you want to come visit or stay Elizabethton has something for everyone. You can enjoy fishing, hunting, biking, hiking, catch a ball game, relaxing on the lake or rafting down the river you will always have something exciting to do in Elizabethton. This small little town is home to a great public school system and very sports oriented. With quaint little neighborhoods this is a dream place to raise a family. I do not think i would be the same person that I am today if I had not been raised in Elizabethton with the values instilled in this area. I look forward to contributing to the betterment of my home town once I have graduated.
It's the most beautiful place I've ever been. Water falls, rivers, lakes, dogwood trees, honeysuckle, it's a very blessed place. You can leave your door unlocked at night. It needs more schools and more jobs. Another college would bring more jobs.
I have lived in Elizabethton for my first 21 years of life and it is a delightful little town. Everything is very calm and collected, but you have everything you need within a 15 minute drive including places to eat, shopping centers, Walmart and pharmacies. It is a great place to live.
Elizabethton is a okay place to live and raise a family. There is not a lot for tennagers to though. The town has a lot of older houses and the old part of down town is very nice. There isn't a lot of things to do but are a few places to eat at. There are more older people than young couples in this town. We have 2 technology schools Nd both are really good.
Fantastic town to raise a family. Extremely friendly community. Excellent community resources. Low crime rate. Low cost of living.
Elizabethton, TN is a beautiful, safe, place to enjoy the outdoors and wildlife. There is not much socially to do however. Elizabethton, Tn Red Light, Street Sign, Fast Food Capital of the World!
I personally do not have experience with the crime and safety response. I live in a safe neighborhood and am not exposed to police activity. They can be seen sitting on the sides of highways monitoring traffic often.
I've spent the past nine years of my life living here. I've basically grown up here more so than my own home town. I've enjoyed my time living here. Now that I'm older I can go out and explore more parts of it than when I was a child. I love the access to so many trails, rivers, and the nearest lake.
My overall experience of this area is just amazing. I absolutely love the beautiful scenery and the nice, comforting people. I would defiantly choose to live here again if I could because it generally affordable and the community always works together in order to live in a better place. This area is a nice and quite community, however, compared to other cities in the country I would say it's in the top ten! This area is slowly expanding, and growing. I can not wait to see what the future holds for this beautiful city.
The mountains are very beautiful here. Okay place to raise a family.. if you not a minority!! Poor school education, no equality in the work force here. This area is very behind compared to anywhere I've lived before. I see no future for me or my child here, that's why my education is so key to getting out of here!
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This area is good for outdoor activities but not for shopping and indoor entertainment.
There are a few great top name restaurants around here, and then there are our family owned and they are the bomb! Jiggy Rays in down town is one of the most awesome places to eat, drink and hang out! It is such a FUN place. Another is also City Market! It is the place to go for lunch! The Coffee Company is also a really great place for eats! Other than that its applebee's or nothing!
Here in my small town there isn't many places that I like to shop.. I have more of a Texas style, and here it is pretty modern.. there is a local store in town owned by great friends of mine called Double C Western Supply! They have a lot of nice things that are my style. Other than that I usually have to order my clothes from Texas! Thank goodness my mom and I are thinking of opening a shop!
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