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There are some dangerous people around the area.
Could use some drug clean-up!
You can do just about any outdoor activity in our area without having to go far. Beaches, parks, hiking trails, biking trails, dog friendly parks, scuba, boating, the list is endless!!
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Our area has taken a decline in recent years. There have been more transient people moving in and out of our neighborhood which has caused some instability. Overall there have only been a few issues requiring police intervention over the years. Our city as a whole does have a high drug problem as well as homelessness.
Our area has public transport but it doesn't seem very widely used. Our police and fire teams are active and fast to respond when needed. I do think that our state government is heading in a downward direction and that our small community is getting swept up in that progress. I would like to see a State tax implemented and earmarked for education as well as more strident controls on Medicaid recipients.
Lots of sun, but of course, lots of rain. Hurricanes are a common occurance however our home is inland and therefore we have less of a risk than those that live on the coast line. Must have shorts, tank tops, swimwear, rain gear and lots of sunscreen!!
Our area does not have any large industry, most people commute to Tampa or Clearwater for work
Right around us there are the usual chain resturants but not many smaller niche resturants.
Not very clean area, lots of old shops and run down plazas. Usually can get everything you need around here but for nicer experiences travel to closer towns
There is so many houses, apartment and trailers that look really bad. Yards are terribly kept up. Main Street convenient store is not an area you want to be around unless you are looking for you know!! I hate this town and everything about it. Personally I think or more like wish, they would take the biggest wrecking ball in history and wipe this town off the map. Oh yea and the homeless walking around gives this town it's charm, lol. Hey since you know who has been elected it has been so much better, BS!!
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