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El Paso is a beautiful, family-oriented city. Health and Active Lifestyles thrive in this city. The mountains are a great place to take a hike, the surrounding desert-life is always fun for adventures with family and friends! Recently, our city has been struck with a mass shooting from an outsider. I've never witnessed a community that has shown such strength in being so supportive and selfless through a time of terror. We pride ourselves in being an open and ever-growing community. We are the safest city in Texas! We are El Paso Strong!
I have been living in El Paso all my life and i have to say it's been a woderful place to be raised and raise my kids. El Paso is not only a city but we are a family. We had a tragic event that occurred recently and we were all shocked and applaud by the actions that happened by one ignorant person. After the tragic loss of many people, El Paso gathered as a community and did what we all know how to do best and that is love and being there for everyone that was affected by this horrific event. I am glad to be Mexican/ American because i have so much love due to the city and the people that influence our beautiful culture. I am very blessed and grateful that i am still able to experience the beauty of my city.
Diversity in the city. Close to the Mexico border. Great food and drinks! Places to shop and visit while supporting the city. Safe place to reside. Great work opportunities, home to U. S. Veterans and college students attending UTEP.
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Big city with a small town mentality, which can be as much a good thing as bad. Most people are polite. Traffic is rough lately with all of the construction going on. I love my city.
El Paso is an overall safe city, despite negative connotation stemmed from its status as a border town. It is quiet and everyone knows everyone one way or another.
This town is so warm and wonderful, the people here are so welcoming and they will make you feel as close to home as it can get!
The thing that I love about El Paso is the acceptance of the people. No matter who you are, what you are, you are loved amongst all. I've lived here my entire life, and one thing that I would want to see change is the construction. EP is slow on their city construction, and it tends to mess with the roads. Nonetheless, this is a city for everyone and anyone.
I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. This city is my home, it is safe and comforting. The people are kind and there is so much diversity and culture. There are many job opportunities and it is very affordable to live here.
This city is very helpful. All the residents are nice and glad to help. We are very together even in hard times. #ElPasoStrong
I love El Paso because we embrace diversity, and are a friendly city. We have consistently been named one of the top five safest cities in the country. Though we are over 80% hispanic in our population, we are home to the largest Army base in the country - Ft. Bliss. Over 35,000 soldiers were moved to the army base, which brought soldiers from all over the country and a variety of backgrounds. Cost of living is very affordable, we don't suffer from natural disasters like hurricanes, or tornadoes, earth quakes, or floods. The worst weather we deal with is wind. The sunsets are beautiful, the mountains are amazing, and we are joined with Juarez, Mexico, providing some of the best Mexican food along the US-Mexico border. I have moved away several times in my lifetime for work and school, but El Paso always draws me back. I travel a lot for my work, and have been all over the world. El Paso is my home, and I hope to remain here for the rest of my life.
El Paso has always been home to me. I consider it very family friendly and welcoming to anyone and everyone. It is not so much a small city anymore as it has grown quite a bit. But it stills seems as if everyone knows someone which leaves the door open for great networking opportunities.
El Paso is the safest city in the United States. As a citizen you don’t want to worry about any incidents occurring, including any border and immigration issues, and El Paso makes you feel safe.
El paso is a quiet city, you do have to be culturally sensitive since Juarez is right next to it. If you know people there are actually many things to do. night time is best since it is a hot city. It isn't busy city at all but it's fun and calm. Mexico is a walk away, one very big benefit for this city. Safety is high, people generally watch out for each other here.
El Paso, Texas is my hometown. I love the environment El Paso has to offer. The culture here is amazing and I am always so happy to be apart of it.
The people in El Paso Texas are unlike anyone in Texas. One word to describe the people of the city is humble. I have lived in Lubbock, Texas, and McAllen, Texas and now have a different appreciation for humans. Since El Paso is so close to the border there is a culture of family and unity. I love that about El Paso. I am so thankful I received a scholarship to live in such a beautiful place.
I love how El paso is gradually growing and the city booms with lights downtown. I wish el paso construction however, wouldn't slow my commute from point A to point B.
El Paso is an incredibly friendly city with great cuisine and great entertainment. You will find that El Paso also has great outdoor activities that include going to our beautiful Franklin Mountains. El Paso is also home to Fort Bliss Military Base which is a fitting name, as El Paso is a great place to retire and live a blissful life. As this city continues growing, more restaurants and entertainment centers are becoming available such as TopGolf and an indoor Skydiving range. The University of Texas at El Paso is also one that continues growing and changing the lives of so many in this region. Overall GREAT!
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I grew up in El Paso and I love it. The community has grown so much from 10 years ago and it has been amazing watching it grow. One thing that I would like to see change is more highways.
A growing city not much to do like in bigger cities but it’s developing very fast love how safe I feel
El Paso is a quiet, safe town with lots of potential. I've lived here my whole life and have enjoyed quiet walks to the park, and safe gatherings on campus. I do however, think that if there were more activities to do as a family in El Paso, it would be a lot more fun.
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