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I would never live here. It used to be a nice town a long long time ago but there is so much riff raft, druggies hanging out on sidewalks, even Aloe Village for seniors is a dump! Some said there were lots of jobs here??? Hell no there isn’t! Lol. There are plenty of liquor stores, two porn stores/sleezy peep shows And one small old dirty overpriced grocery store and bars. Not a great place to raise kids. I lived in this area for 30 years and the police and politics are a joke! Thank goodness my kids got to stay in Absegami high school. I have heard the newer high School is nice... but it’s newer. They have lots of low income and section 8 housing. If your looking for a nicer part of this area, look in Cologne, Absecon or Galloway.
Egg Harbor City is a small city but the size makes it a lot easier to feel apart of a community. It has good schools, is a pretty safe neighborhood, and has parks for children to play at. There are a few things the city could do better with though, like having more activities for the community and keeping a better eye on the prison near one of the elementary schools. Overall, it's a very nice city that I'm proud to live in.
Egg harbor city is a cesspool of low income and drug use. Teens roam the street and cause nothing but issues. Vandalism happens on the regular. The police are useless, I've watched people blatantly break the law in front of the police and they do nothing. Ive witnessed 50 plus teens brawl in yards.
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The most memorable thing about my hometown , Egg Harbor City, is the Crusaders football games. When I was in middle school that would always be the top spot to hang out. Everyone would be waiting for that text " Are you going to the crusaders field?" We all would go for the taxi games and stay all the way until it was our time to cheer for the varsity games. Another top spot in Egg harbor City is the diner. No one ever says ew to the diner. They have everything and are open all the time. Also Egg Harbor city also has the famous Pepes which sells Mexican food. Everybody goes crazy for their em-pandas and spanish rice. Something that I would want to improve about Egg Harbor City is to provide more event or places for teens. There is really not much to do around the area because of the size. I believe having a " movie in the park" would be a great idea. They could have it on Saturday nights starting at eight o'clock. Other than that I believe Egg Harbor City is a great city to live in.
I love living here. The school is safe and very family oriented. The only thing I would change is I would love to have free garbage pickup.
It's a small town, nothing too extraordinary, but very comfortable. It's usually quite. There are a lot of small businesses. There are a lot of houses for sale in this area.
Egg harbor city is an overall great family based community. Such a small town where everyone knows everyone and is a pleasure to have been able to live in such a great town like egg harbor city. I went to school in this town and it is such a safe and great place to obtain education.
Egg Harbor City is very small. This has both negatives and positives in my perspective. It was very easy to get places without the use of a car. There are many job opportunities, especially for high schoolers. On the other hand, when you did drive, the streets were crowded with cars parked on the sides, most streets were narrow, and the close houses didn’t allow for much yard space. Not to mention that there were a lot of criminal incidents such as drug deals, juvie escapes, and fights throughout the city. It’s not a great place to raise children, but job opportunity and schooling is pretty good here.
Egg Harbor City is a diverse town. It started with German roots, but now has a Latino community where we have a Hispanic heritage block party every August. What I would like to see in Egg Harbor City, change wise, is more local businesses. Besides my mom's family garage and the other few garages and car part stores, there are really only restaurants. The main street has empty store fronts that used to be filled. I wish the best for this town and hope that more stores will open to provide easier access to locals, and to provide a better economy for Egg Harbor City.
Egg Harbor City is a small town in Southern NJ. Growing up there you could say I am a little biased, but I like the rural small town feel. Despite Egg Harbor not having very much itself it is at a great location to be able to drive 30 minutes and be at almost any type of shopping center, the beach, or fun filled activity of which you can think. Egg Harbor City is an older Historical town that has some older shops, good churches, and even its own lake. This city offers festivities for several holidays that are always a joy.
I do not like that there is only one supermarket here and that supermarket is too expensive. I do not like that there are no variety of places for you to eat here. The school systems should be better than what they are.
The crime safety is very great where I live. I feel comfortable enough in my city to walk alone at 1 in the morning and not find any trouble.
It's not the worst area to live in Egg Harbor City,NJ but I would not like to live here for the rest of my life. They barely fix our streets or sidewalks because this area is pretty poor for being mostly middle class.
The place I live in is not that bad. It could be better but I am not the one that should complain. Most of the people seem really nice and they are plenty of places you could go to. There are people you would want to avoid but you should learn that quickly.
The community is great. People are friendly even though there are not many people living around our neighborhood. It is a quiet and people are minding their own business and it is a great neighborhood for anyone and to my knowledge, I haven't seen anyone leave this neighborhood yet. People in the community are very involved in community events.
I personally feel very safe in this area. I haven't seen or heard about any crime in this area since I have started living here and the police are always around and very active. You'll probably see two or three police cars within ten minutes of your driving.
I actually like the weather around here. Although I hate winter, but in the summer I enjoy the nice, and bright sunny days.
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The food and drink in this are pretty much like any other city in New Jersey. There is not much difference and I think it is pretty decent.
I tried getting a job in every place I could, but I never heard anything back from the employers. And I am not working currently. I am a high school senior.
The local businesses are not that bad. People go to shops and grocery stores and the business are doing okay. And especially hard for my family to go shopping because we do not have a car and we have to walk to stores.
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