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The nice suburban area you will ever find in the nation; outside of Oklahoma city where crime is minimal and involvement is high. This is a town where you can raise your family and your kids will have the best education to offer.
Edmond is a great place to live! It has easy-to-navigate streets, great schools, so much shopping and so many parks! I grew up in Edmond, and even though I left town for college, I recently moved back to start grad school at the University of Central Oklahoma, right in the heart of Edmond. It's an amazing and affordable institution and I'm really glad to live, work, and study in Edmond again.
A calm, family-oriented place where you can find fun activities for everyone. Outings can get a bit pricey unless you stick to parks, but there are always ways to save money. There are good restaurants and interesting stores downtown. The library is wonderful.
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The living cost is very cheap in Edmond. There is a Citylink bus which is being provided for free everyday within Edmond. It is clean and quite in the city and you can live even without your own car if you use the free citylink buses wisely.
I love living in Edmond. You get the BIG city living without the chaotic atmosphere of actually living in a big city.
I have lived in Edmond my whole life, and I don't see myself moving anytime soon. The people are friendly, and the city is not too crowded and crazy, like bigger cities are. Although, I love it here, Edmond public schools could use a little work.
My experience in Edmond started my sophomore year in high school. I had come from Oklahoma City public schools, so I had to adjust just a little. I am thankful for such a wonderful experience of change. Edmond is definitely a growing suburb, and has so much history behind it.
I have lived in Edmond, OK for 10 years and I am proud to call it home. It s a very family-friendly area, safe, lots of chain restaurants and shops, incredible schools that people come from out of state to attend, and quick access to anything you need. Anything and everything in Edmond is from 5-15 minutes away from wherever you are. Great neighborhoods, is constantly expanding with new growth and building, and high police patrol. Highly recommend to anyone looking into living here!
I grew up in Bristow, OK which is just down Route 66 from Edmond. And I always have been amazed at how nice a place this is. Very clean and the people are always so friendly.
Edmond is a very appealing place to live because it offers its residents a variety of things to do, places to shop, and great dining! Edmond is an attractive suburb that has the best schools and maintains great community facilities. The area has a multitude of nice neighborhoods. Edmond is a great place to live.
I have lived in Edmond for almost 14 years and I love coming home. Everyone that I have met has definitely made an impact on my life. I was sad when I had to move from Colorado but I have found it very comforting to live in a place that has always treated me so well. I have had great experiences in my school systems and everyone there is always so nice and gracious. Every time I leave to go visit somewhere else, I always look forward to coming home.
Edmond is a great place to live. It has amazing public schools that provide a great education for your children.
I like that Edmond is a somewhat close knit town, yet at the same time it can be extremely divided. There are certain areas that Edmondites deem as less appealing and therefore look down on those who live there. Though this is probably true for most cities, it’s something I have grown to notice and be cognizant of.
Country Snow is REALLY GOOD! I would recommend that you try it. It's a snow cone place and they are a town favorite! The people there are really nice and they have a website as well. Most people when they eat out end up going to a chicken place and it's about twenty minutes to the mall.
I love the high pace environment, there are also good wholesome people who are down to earth and friendly. Also, there is not a dull moment, there are a whirlwind of activities and events that happen all year around.
I have lived in Edmond all my life and it is a great place! There are tons of restaurants and shopping available, and the people are very friendly.
I work here. It is very peace place to stay , decent and good place to live. It has different cultures but it the place welcome every body here. I kind of like the food place here with different cultures and tastes. I have been in Edmond for 1 year year and its still an exploring and new place.
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It provides the safest studying environment both for international students and out-of-state students. The living cost is the cheapest among the other states. There is also a free bus service within the city, called "CityLink."
Edmond is a nice place to start a family! There are many schools within the area, and some even have blue ribbon awards. There’s not much violence that occurs here, and overall, it is pretty safe. Majority of the people are nice and welcoming.
I have been living in Edmond for 3 years now and I feel as if it is very safe environment for anyone wanting to live a nice and tranquil life. One thing I enjoy about Edmond is how close everything is and how convenient that is. I would like to see a little more diversity and affordable homes for minorities that wish to move out of apartment complexes and trailer parks.
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