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This is a small community in upstate New York. The school is PreK through 12 and has maybe 430 students. If you are looking for country living and enjoy the snow, this is the place for you. Only 20 minutes from the Baseball Hall of Fame.
everyone in this community are healthy for the most part
In the winter, snow removal is amazing. The town cares for these roads and everyone in the community very much. The take care of all road construction to keep everyone in this community as safe as possible
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everything in this community is within a 10 mile radius. If you need anything its not very far to get
Our town is concerned with making this community the safest and happiest place for everyone around
There are cross walks everywhere. The airport that is closest to us is about 40 miles away
If you need help getting your way around this town, there is always someone willing to lend a hand and help you find your way
Around here everyone is so friendly and is willing to lend a helping hand to everyone in need.
Everyone is different around here. Different race, sexual orientation but everyone gets along with everyone. There is no hate around this area
Food is amazing. Depends on what time you go depends on how well the service is that you get
The job opportunities are amazing around here all depending on what you are interested in though. There are many office jobs and kitchen jobs around here
The outdoor areas in this community are well maintained and always full of people on nice days
The public services are ok around here. I think that the public services need to include more community say
Quality all depends on what you are looking for! These houses around my area are kept and maintained very well
This community is an everyone knows everybody type of community
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