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I love Eau Claire. Great medium sized town with all the amenities one needs. Downtown is hip, fun, with tasty restaurants and pubs, local shopping, and a unique urban trail system.
Amazon city, it's so adorable and homey. It's big enough, and it has everything you need. Nice revitalized downtown. Good shopping.
I love Eau Claire because even though it's big, everywhere you go, you always find yourself making friends and feeling apart of something bigger. Eau Claire has smaller towns on the outside and it really cushions the greatness of where everyone comes form. The little towns gather in Eau Claire because that's where the bigger grocery stores are. People you find are always from different places, making going out, that much more exciting in the town of Eau Claire. I think Eau Claire has so much to offer for those visiting or those who are just passing through. It is a college town, so there are lots of young people. That just makes holidays like Fourth of July so much more interesting then any other town. I also think that downtown Eau Claire that anyone would love. From the fantastic food to the wonderful shows to watch. The beautiful river walk is just a perfect ways to start or end your day, visit, or stroll through Eau Claire Wisconsin.
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Eau Claire is a great city with so much to offer! They have things to do in all seasons for all prices. You can find many free events put on by the city of Eau Claire, which are great! Also a great place to raise kids with all the safe neighborhoods.
Eau Claire is a beautiful town. There are many sights to see, and the local businesses are wonderful. There is even a sculpture tour in the downtown area, which highlights local artists.
It is a great city, small enough to get around easily but large enough to have something new to do every day.
I have lived in Eau Claire for 15+ years. I love my city. We have a progressive local government and we are growing all the time. Eau Claire has an excellent family friendly environment and a night life and arts community that is growing strong. Our violent crime rate is low. We deal with addiction issues in our communities and that makes me sad. I do wish to see more racial diversity in the future once the Twins City learns about us.
I love the theatre and music scene in downtown Eau Claire. In just about any restaurant, there is some sort of music playing or there is a live performance.
There are lots of small businesses. It’s very encouraging to see local entrepreneurs thrive in this close knit community.
There are a lot of families, and lots of activities for the whole family to attend.
Lots of fun places to hang out, shop, or eat. Lots of hotels.
There are so many beautiful lakes, forests, state parks, orchards, etc to explore in the area.
The ski sprites are a water ski gymnastics group who ski behind jet boats on lake Altoona. They put on weekly shows every summer.
The Fourth of July always has fireworks at Carson park.
There are baseball games in the summer and football games in the fall.
Housing is expensive, but it is a great city with many opportunities for food, drinks, art and culture.
There is a decent amount of things to do here considering it is smaller than some other towns. Downtown Eau Claire is very cute and clean.
Lots of activity. Amazing art center. We have everything-tons of trails and outdoor activities, a university, good restaurants.
The town of Eau Claire is very pretty and has everything you need, especially unique coffee shops. There are lots of trails to bike or hike on.
Friendly People, lots of fun things to do in the downtown and water street area. The university helps to being life to the town and many people from the university end up staying in the town their whole life.
Eau Claire is fairly well set up with friendly people and lots of activities for young children. There always seems to be construction downtown and this makes everything hard. Parking is almost impossible on the weekends. Otherwise, the town can be very peaceful.
An amazing city to raise a family. The town itself is growing and has many resources and opportunities. However, issues remain with growing homeless. Relatively low cost of living and good access to most things needed, not too far from the Twin Cities
Eau Claire has a very homey feel, but still offers amazing cultural experiences. The businesses, parks, restaurants, art centers, and university are all wonderful aspects of this city.
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Eau Claire is a fine city. There are people that are both good and bad, but you'll usually find more of the good. It's not the biggest city, but it can be big enough and have the right qualities for the right person. It is close enough to a bigger metropolitan area (Minneapolis), as it is only 2 hours away.
I enjoy Eau Claire because its a very nice, clean city to live in. There is a lot of life going on because of the University downtown and then there are also new developments going in downtown that make Eau Claire that much nicer.
Eau Claire is an excellent town. Caught on the freeway between Madison and the twin cities, we get our fair share of traffic coming through. Add to that music festival, big-time hospitals not to mention being a college town, and you have yourself a big city feel. But we also have many small towns advantages as well. Local businesses and the farmers market, theater and other events, that keep our town feeling homely. Personally, I would love to see some expansion fo our town. We could use a few more big businesses to bring in more workers and economic expansion.
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