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Amazing history and beautiful natural sites. Very Republican for MA. Great school system and very safe.
Its been a great town to grow up in! Although it is a pretty boring place to be, it is very close to Boston!
Easton's core community is strong, but many of the less connected individuals fall prey to the growing tensions and division apparent nationally. The comfortable suburban hominess is overpowering at town events like the Harvest Festival, Christmas Festival, and various annual celebrations. In the school system, there is an obvious investment in the well-being of students from attentive teachers and parent volunteers. However, seeing as Massachusetts in a liberal state and Easton is considered a "Trump town" in a sea of blue, there are definite tensions around the Trump merch store, town votes, and other politically charged happenings. Easton thrives when it returns to its roots and struggles when it comes to making financial choices for the town.
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Easton is a very nice town to grow up in. With the amazing school system they have here it’s a great place to raise your family. The houses here are a little bit on the expensive side but I think it totally worth living here I would definitely recommend.
I would say what I like most about Easton is how well the community interacts with each other. How will the schools or from my own experience, and just how friendly everyone is in the town. 0
It's a really nice small town with some good people. I've loved growing up here and I love coming back home to Easton after being away at school! It never changes.
I like the slower pace of Easton and the surrounding towns. It's conveniently located near Rt. 24 and 495, equidistant to Boston and Providence and closer to the Cape. One downside to Easton is that there are a lot of closed/deserted buildings.
Easton is a great town that has many great amenities. Easton is well kept and a safe town to live in. With a great school system and many places to go, I have had a great experience growing up in Easton.
I have lived here my whole life. It has always been considered a nice town but now with the new restaurants and breweries there is a lot more to do.
Easton is an awesome family friendly community located about 30-35 minutes south of Boston. Great school system and great recreational areas too.
Easton is and always has been a great small town. It continues to grow and is not stuck back in time like some other towns. There is a lot to do, and the downtown area continues to grow. People continue to buy fixer upper type homes or add on to their homes and they stay a long time and raise their family in the great new schools.
Great town, with many restaurants, parks, history and family friendly activities. South Easton tends to be more affordable and great for families purchasing their first homes.
Easton is a great tight knit community with great schools, history and many new restaurants and stores.
It is a very small and tight knit community. There is never too much going on, but just enough so that when you decide to participate, there will be a good amount of events to enjoy.
I love the small town environment and the tight-knit community. The public school is very good and the teachers are amazing to students. It is a safe and quiet town.
Very nice town. Not a lot to do but the schools are really good and the town is beautiful. However, things are being added every day.
There is much too much to say. Just take my word for it. In a nutshell. this is a very comfortable community, excellent schools, safety , perfect geographic location depending on your avocations, attractive physical environment, lots of conservation land, and a good blend of rural/suburban feel, a haven for anyone who wants to stay away from cities, but close enough to use them whenever necessary or desirable.
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Easton, unfortunately, goes to sleep early, so there is rarely anything open past 9. There is not much around.
Pros: Easton is conservation and historic minded with numerous places to explore and experience wildlife, or plug into an aspect of historical relevance. Neighbors are friendly, and the downtown area is cute and walk-able with structures from H.H. Richardson and Frederick Law Olmstead.

Cons: conservative value systems and stuck-in-the-mud baby boomer populations have left this town aging and increasingly isolated from youth culture and progressive ideals. A dramatic and inclusive social shift is needed to stimulate interest and excitement in this once interesting town.
Most Overrated community in Massachusetts
The town is actually a city without skyscrapers
Booze,booze, booze. Booze is like a community god. The children museum is used for booze drinking festivals.--- Hello?
Local park now smells like marijuana
Bumper to bumper tailgating Traffic embellished with angry horns
Car Crash capitol of Mass.
Pedestrian Unfriendly

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