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Eastman is a small country town, but it is a nice place to raise kids. Eastman is also a safe place. It has a great community and the community really sticks together.
Very small town ...........court system very slow......... stores close early ............... There is no Major here.........everybody is related to one another.............there is a lot of woods here........... Houses are very old ..........need more restaurants..... No social life there is nothing for the children to do here,....
Eastman is one of the worst cities in Georgia. We have racism, bullying, shooting, and bad food. We also have a lot of drug addicts and junvilles.
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MOST older folks are friendly and wave as if they know you. The rest of the Eastman community is like a black hole. I also like the sheriff's department cause there not like big city Peace Officers who have "Power Trips". I recently relocated from Denver Colorado as a native. Biggest mistake of my life but than again, if I never relocated my drive for higher education would not have been so critical. It's now the only thing that motivates me. There are no opportunities here. I see no future without furthering my education. College is the only light at the end of the tunnel.
eastman georgia is a really small town people here are very friendly and they are willing to help you in any way that they can ive lived in eastman from 2009-2016
Eastman is the typical small town in Georgia. People gossip about everything, but we love each other too. There is no such thing as privacy! Our school system is better than most of the others systems around us, and the food our schools serve is hot and tasty. Eastman has a diverse group of churches. Our middle school and high school sports teams are at the top of the pile. Jobs are hard to come by in Dodge county; many times employment has to do with who you are or who you know. Middle Georgia University is nearby, so that is helpful. The different ethnic groups get along. We are good people!
The quality of people in this town surprises me every day, the way you are treated and respected is amazing.
Eastman is a great place to raise kids if you are looking for a small town where they can make lifelong friends and have many opportunities to be involved in activities, sports, etc. inside and outside of the school system. The school system is wonderful with many great teachers that truly care about their students.
Living in Eastman my entire life has taught me that everybody really does know everybody in a small town setting. That is really good and really bad at times. There is always someone to call on when you need help or are in trouble, but people will always be in your business no matter what. This community always comes together if/when there is a tragedy, and that is why I love calling Eastman my home.
I like the area because it's small and not so busy, there's not much change and that's something I'd like to see happen. We need more job opportunities and more to do and see in this area. We have to travel 30 minutes to an hour away to find good food or something to do.
I have not had any problems
Its a small town area, quite but peaceful.
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