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I was born and raised in East Wenatchee, but moved when I went off to college. My hometown will always have a special place in my heart. I think the population of the valley is perfect, it's not too small nor too big. The location is perfect, you're in the perfect proximity to Seattle or Spokane. If you drive a little west you have the cascades/beaches and if you drive east you have the desert. I do wish there was better shopping or more activities to do. But there is always something to do outside, including hiking/rafting in the summer or skiing/snowboarding in the winter. I would move back to the valley in a heartbeat (currently in Florida) if I was in the position to.
I feel safe in this town even though it may be a little crazy sometimes. Most the time people are kind and caring but others just keep to themselves.
Great environment for families and retirement. Not a lot to do for anyone under twenty one years of age. Close to lots of outdoor activities and recreation. Access to Mission Ridge Resort, twelve mile loop trail, Columbia River, hiking trails. Traffic is only bad in morning work traffic and 5 pm traffic. Lots of good shopping and great restaurants.
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Wenatchee is a wonderful community which provides its dwellers with more than they could need. On the edge of the cascade mountains this beautiful valley is full of loving people and much to explore.
East Wenatchee is a great place for a family, it is moderately sized with plenty of activities around; such as, skiing, mountain biking, and recreational boating. I would like to see that it gets a slightly more exciting nightlife, but with the older demographic I doubt it will happen.
East Wenatchee is a beautiful place to live. Its pretty quiet for the most part. Lots to do in the spring, summer and fall time. I do wish there was more to do in the winter..
East Wenatchee is a town that I have lived in darn near my whole life, and it never ceases to amaze me with the new sights and sounds that come with living in the beautiful valley I have come to call home. The people here are fantastic as well as caring, it is very safe. There are so many opportunities to have fun and to grow in life. There are tons of ways to stay in shape such as our many gyms, mission ridge, and beautiful hiking areas that never lose their beauty.
Clean and easy to navigate. Shopping is easily accessible with a good selection of stores and eateries.
I have grew up in Wenatchee my whole life. It used to be a medium sized farm town with tons of apple orchards. Wenatchee is also known as the "apple capital of the world" I'm not sure if that names still remains as our orchards have turned into housing developments and businesses. We have a local college that offers very many great programs. There are lots of fast food restaurants in our town. You can generally get from one end of the town to the other in about 20 mins.
Small safe town where the people here feel safe. Kids can walk or ride bikes to school without any problems. It is great for people who love the outdoors with hiking trails, biking trails, and a large park circling the passing river. It is a community filled with great people and have nice fairs, parades, and carnivals in the spring and fall.
East Wenatchee is located in one of the most beautiful valleys I have ever seen! There's plenty of great neighborhoods to choose from and great employment, particularly at the hospital or clinic.
Very quaint town with a strong community. Beautiful views of the valley and all four seasons, as well as skiing in the winter that's only a 30 minute drive from town.
I love the people, the recreation, the agriculture and the views. The cost of living is quite high though.
Love the small town feel. There are so many recreational opportunities with rivers, lakes and mountains all around. It is beautiful and people are friendly. House and property prices are high.
East Wenatchee is a small town that has a variety of out door activities from going hiking, swimming in the river, or taking a leisure walk at Walla Walla Point park. It is an outdoor enthusiasts paradise. Yet because of all these activities there are more tourist coming into the area which is the reason that the cost of living has increased. The cost of living is rising and there is not enough employment opportunities rising with it. East Wenatchee needs to entice businesses into moving to the area and one of the ways they can do it is by promoting cheap electricity.
Gorgeous views of Cascade Mountains, nothing for families with children to do short of a bowling alley and school activities. Four Seasons town with Snow and a hot winter.
The Wenatchee Valley is a diverse and beautiful place to live. There are plenty of outdoor activities for the adventure seekers, little downtown shops for the shopping fanatics, a lovely trail along the river, and much more.
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East Wenatchee is a beautiful place to live, but they need to bring in more things for kids to do, as well as more for adults to do besides going to the bar. I've lived here all my life and I'd like to see something for the kids come in and stay, instead of being here for a short time, and then taken out. There are bars for the adults, but since I'm not a drinker, bars aren't my place. There's a bowling alley, however, it always has leagues going so it's very hard to get a lane.
Love the valley nestled between mountains, opportunity for hiking and skiing. No freeway congestion. Cost of living is less than anywhere else we have lived. Love the different seasons of the year.
East Wenatchee has very friendly people and are very involved in our community. I've lived here my whole life and can't seem to ever get tired of my small city. From walks around the Loop Trail to hikes in Saddle rock there are plenty of things to do here.
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