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Its a calm and quiet place to live, shopping's are in the easy accessible activities are a ongoing trend.
changes I would want to see is bus facility for common man.
No healthy eating options nearby but good parks. The area is very rundown but people's are generally friendly and helpful.
My family has lived in the area for the past eighteen years and there has never been a worry about the crime in the area getting out of hand because there does not seem to be much of any criminal activity. My biggest concern is about the safety of walking around in some areas of the neighborhood simply because of the lack of a sidewalk but otherwise the safety is pretty intact. If there were any emergencies, the police are easily accessible and there is a fire station located within the neighborhood that is very active with neighborhood activities.
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The neighborhood is overall cleanly and safe to walk around at many hours of the day and night. The area in itself is pretty good for growing plants outdoors with the soil inside each lot and many of the neighbors take part in tending to their yards so that they remain tidy. Public transportation in the neighborhood is highly accessible, with four-five different bus stops within a five minute walk of each other and all going in different directions that can lead travelers to the city.
I believe the crime in this community is okay because I do not hear a lot of things happening over here.
It is bad, but it is still home. I grew up in this community and when I become a successful leader I will always come back and support my community in all aspects of life. Yes there are a lot of children who are not motivated to attend school, however, I believe there school be more community events that promote education, scholarship, and creativity. I also see that my community is being torn down because of incoming transportation routes. Although, this is a great way to add to the community it also decreases the value of homes. I just want the best for my community and the wonder families living in it.
It's a quiet place to live. New neighbors always moving in left and right. If you have friends invite them over to your living space. You'll be able to enjoy your place even more. It can get over crowded because the roads are so narrow. But it's a nice place to live in terms of being a singe family home.
Often gets really cold. The weather is very simple but its always has a pattern.
There is not enough jobs for everyone so a lot of people are unemployed.
Needs more variety of food/ restaurants because you can get tired of eating the same thing.
The stores need more variety of their products they sale.
Being Okay as fair weather conditions. There is a 10% of any natural disasters will occur such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tropical storms, heavy snow, ice storms and so forth year round.
It is great because you can go to the park in less than 5 minutes away. There is a lake near by where you do all sort of activity such as fishing, canoeing, and look a geese and other wild life to relax. A great clean environment to relax.
Living in this area there are alot of good things that are happen but as well as bad things. Overtime the area has progressed and gotten better.
The public services fine the taxes are too high and the prices are still about the same. There are local police and firefighters available when you need it. I don't know much about the city government so I don't know who our representatives are and I don't feel like they're doing much to enhance this area
This a lacks a mall that has a variety of trending stores. You would have to drive about 45 minutes to get to desirable mall
I would love to see variety of food options in this area. There is only about two fast food places and two local grocery stores there is nothing organic in our perimeter
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People tend to live here for a very long time it is not often that you see someone moving. We have pet friendly as long as you keep control of your pet although I am not too fond of animals but all members are usually willing to tolerate tamed pets
There are no vacant homes in my area. The location is nice the prices are low and the utilities are reasonable. In my opinion this is the best place to reside
All of my neighbors a fairly nice. We really don't interact with each other but we respect each other spaces such as with the parking situation.
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