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I've lived in East Providence my whole life. It is a very safe, suburban town with a diverse population and a good school system
East Providence is an overall friendly neighborhood with the "small town" vibe. Most residence of East Providence have lived in this town their entire life. Although it may take time for new residence to feel comfortable in the town and find friends, most people of East Providence can give newcomers a warm welcome.
I like that East Providence is a quiet and safe neighborhood. There are many job opportunities and the school systems are decent. With that being said, this suburb is great for families, not individuals who prefer city life. Overall, it is a nice place to live.
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The area of East Providence is close to the water which is a benefit to enjoy the calmness that comes with being close to the ocean. The road network is close to the highway.l
I recently moved to East Providence and I am enjoying the city very much. I could no longer afford to live in Providence and I was able to find an affordable apartment in a nice area of East Providence known as Riverside. I am within walking distance to many shops and stores and there's easy access to the highway.
I love that it is like a small community. There are mom and pop shops everywhere and is a beautiful city. There would be some changes with repaving the roads and doing some work on the parks for the kids. Overall, I enjoy living in East Providence.
Great place to live. Need to work on new school structure. City administrators need revamping. Good community spirit. But Need more volunteers for community projects.
I have lived here for about half of my life and enjoyed it. I think most neighborhoods are safe, the police do an outstanding job patrolling, and the community comes together often to help those in need. I do think the education system could use reform, but otherwise than that it is not too shabby.
I am a born and raised East Providence resident and I currently work here as well. East Providence has a large population of people with Portuguese heritage and the small town feel is comforting.
I like how friendly parts of East Providence are and I would like to see all parts of East Providence be that way.
Was born and raised and so this is all I have known. It offers multiple opportunities for the youth, especially with sports. The schools definitely could be better though. But that's going to come in the near future. There is a nice community aspect here. Some downfalls include the taxes being wicked high and not too many restaurant's
I live in the Riverside area of East Providence and I love it. Lots of families and the schools are great, especially the elementary schools.
East Providence is a great place. The police keep the area very safe as well as keep unsafe traffic at bay. The schools are small and intimate. The teachers really care. The parks are great. There is a lot of traffic as there is always construction.
Medium sized city with close access to beautiful Providence RI only 5 mins away by car! We have many delicious restaurants, especially wonderful portugese food. The public school system is poor, but excellent private, catholic and charter schools available. Very nice parks and playgrounds for kids and adults.
East Providence is a great community with a lot of “Townie spirit!” There are many very good yet often overlooked restaurants and stores. Our neighboring cities satisfy the rest of our food and shopping needs.
Houses are on the expensive side. Many are older depending on the part of town you are from. Neighborhoods are overall safe and family friendly. The streets are bad, but many shops are close together. Jobs can be hard to get.
East Providence is a small city next to Providence, the capital of our small state. It is a very diverse place, with many Portuguese immigrants and children of immigrants. Their pride for their homeland is evident in the many Portuguese flags displayed around the three neighborhoods of the city, as well as the yearly cultural festival. Multiple parks have been renovated during the past few years, making meeting with other people easy and safe. These parks are places where the community can interact with all of its members in a productive manner. The community is tightly-knit, and creates a safety net for anyone who needs help. Overall, this city is an excellent city for families of all sizes.
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I grew up in East Providence, and like many other residents, we never leave! Once a Townie, always a Townie. I just hope once I graduate college, I will be able to afford buying a home, and pay the taxes.
I may be biased as I have lived here my entire life, but this is a great town that's full of diversity and history. The different parts of EP make it like a city, but everything is within ten minutes of townhall. Overall the city is alive with culture from the Cresent Park Carousel; to the music in the park. I think anyone with a family should consider EP for the schooling, community, and the neighborhood culture.
As a child growing up east providence was very safe. Many areas for kids to hang out and have fun. Everything is really close by. One thing I would like to see changed is the high school. It’s very old in poor quality. I remember in high school having to hear my winter coat in class because it was too cold and in the summer trying to get a breeze from outside because it was so hot
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