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East LA is great for students who are used to living in working class, Latinx-heavy areas. There's lots of local mom and pop shops in addition to taco trucks. Sometimes you can catch the community cruising down Whittier Blvd. East LA has a strong history of Chicanx activism and is the seat of the Chicano Moratorium. You can catch regular street vendors on commercial and residential streets trying to make an honest living. If you need to live in an upscale area, East LA is not for you. This is definitely a community, with some residents living in the area for several generations. There's a plethora of pan dulce (sweet bread) bakeries and discount stores. When you see the iconic arch of East Los Angeles, you'll be reminded of the neighborhood's history in film as well as its rich part in the history of Los Angeles.
East Los Angeles is known for its hispanic/latinx culture. The majority of residents are hispanics, there are very few people who are not. There are many schools for kids of different ages to attend; there are several elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. We are very close to California State University Los Angeles and East Los Angeles College. Something else that adds to this town is there are various parks in different areas. The only down side to this city are the gangs.
I love my neighborhood. Filled with so much culture and love. We do have really bad parts that have gang violence but the love in the city over powers all. We are know for our huge Football classic against our highschool rivals from Boyle heights. So much history here for back in the day walk outs.
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East Los Angeles as a whole is a growing city that is improving infrastructure and safety. The East Los Angeles Civic Center is a nice area for residents and students in the surrounding area to go relax and take a break from inner-city life. This area is well connected with a light rail station in conjunction with various bus lines such as Metro, Montebello Transit, and El Sol. This line down 3rd street is teeming with shops and restaurants. Some may say this is the pulse of the city as many people commute to and from work using the bus lines and the train station. The modes of transit connect the people with one another within the buses or the train and even beyond that. The community gathers and connects at various food trucks, taco stands, or well established resturants such as King Taco or Lilianas to name a few. Overall, I would have to say my experience in East Los Angeles has been good and unique. In my comunity it is well connected and many people know eachother.
This is the city both my parents grew up in. This is the city I was born into. I love the culture here. When my grandparents immigrated into this this country, they moved into this city and have lived here all their lives. I love the people, the food the atmosphere and the way I was brought up living here. My experience overall has been very mind blowing. I have seen poverty, I have seen violence, I have seen acts of kindness and love. Overall, I have seen how we as people can do more good for one another than bad in this city.
East Los Angeles is a very welcoming community. However, I would like the see the government more involved in this community.
East LA is a very cultural area and a place many people call home. Art is plastered everywhere, whether it's graffiti or murals. It's predominately a latino community, the people there are very close knit, every time you go to the market you'll run into someone you know.
East Los Angeles is a very interesting place to live because of the different types of people who live there.
The location has amazing whether with sunshine 80% of the year with an average of 77 degrees.
I love the culture and diversity. There's a lot of good food here that comes from Latino and Asian cultures. But it isn't always safe. For example, there's no sidewalks on our block which makes it unsafe to walk our dog. There are also burglaries and assaults. It really depends on which neighborhood you live in. Our neighbors and people around us on our block are cool.

Other good things: it's super close to LA, the San Gabriel Valley, Glendale, and Pasadena.
East LA is somewhere I've lived all my life. This isn't the greatest place to be, but its far from the worst. Everyone tends to keep to themselves not very much of a community environment. Some say it can be dangerous here but in my experience as long as you don't interfere with anyone nobody will interfere with you. Overall this satellite city has been my home for 23 yrs and will be for the foreseeable future. Thankfully it has never given me a reason to say that would be a bad statement.
I moved here back in 2009 and I can honestly say that it's not as unsafe as people claim it is. There are small businesses everywhere and the residents are pretty nice as long as you don't challenge them about their Dodgers or Laker beliefs. With that stated, crime can be frequent but it's definitely not as dangerous as previous decades.
I have resided in East Los Angeles for the past fifteen years, and my experience has been average to poor. Due to gentrification, many people like myself have been evicted in order to raise rents. This is so unfair to people who have lived here for a long time, because we must move to places that we can't afford rent. Gentrification must be stopped, or there will be many more homeless individuals and families.
It is a friendly area. Schools are very close by. Markets are close by as well. It rell depends on what area you live in. Some areas are not so safe at night but than again that goes for anywhere you live.
what i'd like to see change in east los angeles is the saftey and job opportunities. id like to seem them change because the saftey of the of the people depend on it. for example , there are young children who grow up and exprience things they are too young to experince.
Well I have lived here in East LA for 25 years and I have seen a big change , I used to see a lot of gang activity throughout the streets but in last 10 years , the streets have been cleared out and I feel safe , I feel that the sheriffs and policemen that portal around the neighborhood do a good job . What we do get now is a lot of homeless people who often just linger around the streets of Whittier Blvd . Besides that I feel our city is doing great.
The community is gather at church, strong believers in their church. Most work hard for what they have.
I like the diversity of East Los Angeles and the multiple job offers they have. I would like them to improve their safety and the public funding for the public schools. From personal experience the public funding is way disproportional. My high school could use better funding whereas a sibling of mine school has way more advanced technology.
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What I like about East Los Angeles is the environment where people of different cultures come together as one, selling varieties of food, clothing and accessories for one another. What I like to see change is how people look at the environments around us.
there isn't much diversity in this area. but there is great family community parks all around. I am attending csula which is nearby and Is a great college
i have live in ELA for about 16 years. I love my community. Our local church has a weekly food bank were our most needed community member are able to get a source of healthy food. There is also a community garden were the member share food creations with the ingredients they have grown throw the season. During the holiday season we gather out our community center were we a meal to needy family's and gift for the kids . We celebrate our heritage. I would like to say we are a perfect community but the are flaws. There is still a lot of gang activity and crime but we try to work as a community to better out neighborhood.
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