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I moved to East Greenwich 14 years ago. What I love about it are the schools which are really great and my kids have made friends with incredible young people! The Main Street is excellent with over 20 restaurants, bars and it's own Theater (live music, comedy, etc.). The crime is minimal - very few instances that I'm aware of and none that have impacted me directly.

Did I mention that East Greenwich is a waterfront town with Marinas and Restaurants lining Greenwich Cove? There is really a lot to love about living in "EG."
East Greenwich, RI is a quaint town. There is lots of great food on main street and around the town. The daycare facilities around East Greenwich are great for kids and I feel like my child is safe while there.
I love East Greenwich! Having moved from northern Rhode Island, I have felt more comfortable and fit in in East Greenwich. The people here are great, and the school system is one of the best in Rhode Island. It is very safe, and offers great activities for the family.
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It's small, safe, and has a good public school system. Creating more of a night life, especially during the winter, would be a change I'd like to see.
Great small town- very family friendly. Sports is a big focus for many but there's something for everyone here. Great schools that have high standards. Community is very involved and active in local events and committees.
Great school system. Lots of transplants from CT, NY and NJ so everyone is friendly. Very safe and spacious neighborhoods. Expensive but worth it!
It's a small town community with restaurants a college stores doctors lawyers a strip mall fun things to do and very good church oriented people
I've been living in East Greenwich for 7 years, and I moved here for the schools. The schools, especially the high school, are rigorous and truly teach. The Hill and Harbour neighborhood is adorable, and Main St. has 20+ shops and restaurants so you won't get bored. This town lacks diversity, and property taxes are high, but my overall experience with living in East Greenwich has been a positive one.
My overall experience with East Greenwich is that I have been living here for almost my entire life. I would not want anything to change because it is such a great community. They have amazing public schools and other facilities to offer.
Acess to beaches, parks and an active main street. Diverse shops. Quiet neighborhoods and friendly people
East Greenwich is the perfect town to start a family or grow up in, but for college aged people there isn't much to do. The town has a great school system, is very safe, and people are generally friendly. There is enough for people to do as the town is located next to the water, parks, or the strips malls of Route 2. You're only 20 minutes away from the beach in East Greenwich as well. There are a few bars in town, but very little for college aged nightlife. Taxes are slightly high but you benefit from a great school system and nice town (if you're starting a family/growing up in EG).
East Greenwich is the most affluent town in Rhode Island. Overall it is a great place to live. The public school system is above par. It has a collection of restaurants and shops in the center of the town. The only downsides is that it is very expensive to live there and there is not much diversity seen in East Greenwich.
It was a part of my life where I attended high school and lived with my mother. I never had any problems with crime, and the people there weren't nosy, so I suppose it wasn't a bad experience. Some of my best memories there!
I've lived in East Greenwich almost all of my life, and couldn't picture myself living anywhere else. Amazing schools, restaurants, great community to raise a family.
East Greenwich is a great place to grow up and raise a family. Lots of wealthy people in this town. The public school system is also great.
There is a bit of drinking and driving issues and some domestic violence type issues. Thankfully we do not have much other types of crimes. It is safe to walk around after dark. Police are very visible.
We are a tight community with lots of churchs, shopping, great places to eat yet we maintain the beauty of the area waterfront and stay true to our historic values.
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There is not a lot of crime in my area. I usually feel safe on any street and police frequently patrol the area.
General atmosphere is quiet, clean, and safe. I would choose to live here again. There is a great school system and also a variety of very good restaurants and local shopping.
The housing in my town is very good. Most of the house if not all of them are very well maintained and people take pride in their curb appeal. There are not many vacant houses just a couple. The cost of living in my town however is very high because of the quality of the public school education and the location. The best reside areas would be more up division road whereas the worst would be around and on main street.
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