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Local businesses are popping up more and more with the expansions of shopping malls, though most of them are not mom-and-pop stores.
This is a very safe community. The police are very nice and are always around to help if they are needed.
The housing in this area is good. Very few abandoned properties if any.
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Plenty of rainy days and cloudy days in the fall through to the spring but the summers are usually nice and warm. Occasionally there is snow in the winter around January and February.
There are plenty of restaurants. Food choices range from Italian, Chinese, and Vegan and much more. Some upscale restaurants and some cheap but good restaurants.
There are many new up and coming shops in the area. Three outdoor shopping malls and plenty of business parks. I know of lawyers, doctor, and accountants in this area as well as construction workers, office managers, and service workers.
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