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DuPont is a cute little town located north west of joint base Lewis-McChord. The town has a good selection of restaurants and bars. The neighborhoods are very nice, clean and the people are friendly. The only downside is there is no grocery store and unless you're military affiliated, the closest grocery store is 15 minutes away if there isn't traffic.
Great running trails and community support. Improving the quality of the city and the quality of life by adding public infrastructure.
Dupont is an awesome town! It is close to JBLM so is about 70% military/military affiliated. Great place to live and invest because a good bit of the population is transient. It's also right off I-5 so it's accessible. IT is CUTE. The neighborhood planners did an amazing job. There is a commuter station. It is over and hour from Seattle.
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It's a nice small suburban town with a strong military family community. The elementary and middle schools have tons of resources, clubs, and programs available for children's interest and academic benefit. They have a community basketball program for all children in 1st to 8th grade. However being a small town not a lot really happens here.
I really love the community feel, but I hate how overpriced everything is in this town. Everything costs an arm and a leg. Also there are too many warehouses. The people are great though!
Dupont, Washington is a very nice and clean city. Its voted one of the safest cities to live in the state of Washington.
This is a safe place to live! Not only is it a pretty place that is peaceful, but the neighborhoods are so friendly. The place is well-kept and it is a quiet area. It is pricey, but I believe it is a good price for this area.
DuPont is a nice and peaceful town where the streets are safe and the people caring. I love this town!
DuPont is a growing suburb full of great people. There are many businesses in the town with a major companies such as Intel and Amazon constantly growing.
I love the community in DuPont, very family oriented. This a place where your neighbors know your name and typically look out for one another. A wonderful place to raise your children.
DuPont is conveniently located for access to JBLM, but that's about it. But in knowing this, the rent and sale prices are ridiculous and way over-inflated. My rent has been raised at least $50 every year I've lived here. If you need anything at all, you have to hit I-5 and go to either Lacey or Lakewood/Tacoma. There isn't even a Walgreens. A grocery story would definitely help.
Small town about one hour away from Seattle. Very safe town and many convenience locations withing walking distance. Very family oriented and a couple placed to go out for fun on weekends.
DuPont is blocked off from any other entrance except for three exits. We are constantly having construction and being caught in traffic due to our bad geographic location. It's a cute town, but not much to do except for nails. food. and shopping. I like the library and walking in their abundant parks, but it takes 7 mins just to get to my house due to bad drivers, tons of roundabouts, and there being only one entrance to get to my hill even though there is a backroad now cut off that connects to Lacey where I go to school daily. Nearby there are lots of parks, trails, beautiful sceanery, and a golf course or too, it's just too small and isolated.
The area is actually very nice. I chose to live here because it is safe and that is very important to my family. The main problem I have with the area are the local home owners association employees. They are rather intrusive.
I have lived in Dupont, Washington for a little over a year, and I love it! It is a beautifully kept neighborhood with trails in the woods, parks and a sweet collection of small businesses.
It's beautiful, quiet, safe, clean. It has beautiful trails. Housing is gorgeous. It's a small town where people can enjoy closeness to Tacoma/Seattle area.
Dupont is a nice quiet neighborhood. The people around us are friendly. The schools are great well diverse.
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Dupont is a nice quiet town. It is very clean and people are very friendly. Close to the freeway, Joint Base Lewis Mcchord and steilacoom. There are many places to eat at. DuPont has beautiful homes and apartments. Lots of trails and side walks. It does need a grocery store I would say.
DuPont, WA is an absolute beautiful family oriented community which provides conveyance and access to Interstate 5. I'm currently serving as a active duty service member stationed at JBLM, this community is right outside of post and saves invaluable time on my daily commute. Above all, the city of DuPont is a family friendly area, with amazing curb appeal. Apart from a major grocery store, the city affords more than adequate establishments in the downtown area. In addition, the city of DuPont has a great community outreach program which facilitates unified garaged sales, sporting events, holiday celebration, and delivers an informative events calendar free of charge to all residents. As a parent with three school-age kids, I have been very impressed with the local schools/educational program afforded. This is my third time being assigned to JBLM and I can't think of another place I would rather live.
There are so many things I love about DuPont! The schools, safety for raising a family, or simply the quaintness of a small town. I also love the fact that we know our neighbors, the local waitresses and even the woman who runs the local nail salon. Being in the military this is where I've been stationed 2 times now and where I will continue to call home because there is no where else in the world I'd rather be. I love DuPont! Yes, it's a little more expensive to live here, but it's worth it.
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