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The town is changing and improving which I'm happy to see but it's clear that gentrification is starting to get its hands on the town. With the new housing development plans, it's clear that the goal is to bring the value of the town up at the expense of affordability. It's a small town affected by the costs of living in New Jersey- overpriced average living.
It has a nice downtown, some good restaurants and has a train station with service to NYC. I'd like to see more small specialty shops or boutiques. Lots of potential in this little town.
A suburb, but has a small town atmosphere that is perfect for families. There are about 7 parks throughout the town for walks or picnics. The downtown has plenty of excellent dining options from pizza to chicken to bagels. We have a dine in theatre that resembles the traditional ones found years ago rather than a standard AMC theatre. The train station is right in the center of town and can get you to NYC in about an hour.
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The center of town is dirty and disheveled. A few nice looking buildings with too many busted up looking dumps. The used car lots don't help the look either! Walking around can be dicey at busy times of day. Cars go well above the 25 mph speed limit on most struts because they are used as cut throughs. The roads are horrific! Most are filled with potholes. Overall the drown is poor and long over due for a new leadership and a new vision that modernizes an otherwise dreary and beaten down looking business district. Maybe 1 or two decent places to eat, the rest are crappy grease joints. Schools are ok for a small town, but size limits opportunities for students.
The one decent thing I can say about the town is the residents are pretty friendly.
Beautiful small town with a collection of old Victorian style homes. There are a handful of local hot spots where everyone is welcome and knows your name. The town is close to everything while still maintaining it's small town charm.
I love this quiet, little town. Great hole in the wall places to eat, several small parks to take your children or dogs, and you can walk pretty much everywhere. I live a half mile from the train that goes directly into NYC. If I need to go to a larger department or grocery store, they are only a 15 minute drive away. I get the convenience without all the hustle and bustle.
My experience so far living in Dunellen is good, its a nice little town. I wish there were more small shops on main street.
Dunellen is a lovely small town. You can always see people that you know and most people are pretty friendly. There are many great ethnic dining opportunities . This one square mile town even has its own local super market.
Overall, my town is very safe. We've had a couple of isolated incidents but that happens everywhere. Because my town is small, the police are never too far away. That in itself is comforting.
I like the area in which I live. People, for the most part, are very friendly. The town is small and the schools are not overcrowded. If I could do it all over again, I would still live here. I'm not sure if I'll be here forever, but for now, I am very happy. I see a good future for my town. I think the local government is taking it in the right direction.
Our town is small but a great community
After a snowstorm, main roads are plowed however many others are not plowed.

Too many potholes, some of which are patched over and not repaired properly.

Road repair and curbs needed on many streets.

Old signs and need for new signage around schools and mjor traffic areas.
It's true that living in a small town, most everyone know each other, or know someone who know you.

Many families have been town for decades and some centuries, generations of children have grown up here.

Many high school sweethearts have married, moved back, bought homes and raised their children here.

Former students have become hometown teachers, working along side teachers they had as youths.

Your neighbors are friendly and look out for each others property and families.

Parents feel our schools are safe and most children walk to school, knowing that friends and neighbors are watchful.

The downtown area is safe to walk, especcially considering the police station is located in the middle of the block, but ever without that patrons and residents feel safe. Many people jog and walk dogs or just take a stroll at night, because the streets are well lit.
We have four seasons, an occassion snow storm or tropical storm which causes flooding in certain areas, but does not impact the entire town.
Within my town, there are no job opportunities beyond working in a restuarant, hair salon, small retail store.

We have no industry or small or large corporate business .

many of our surrounding towns offer theses opportunities, which make our town a " bedroom town" - a great place to live, but you have to travel to get a good job.
All three pizzerias offer a large variety of food, residents have their favorites based on their likes and dislikes.

Prices are basically the same, taste and preference play a key role.

With several bars, which have changed from " older generation hangouts" to a more younger upscale enviroment, more younger locals are visiting these establishments. They offer late night appetizers and fresher meals, that the old greasy menu of mozzarella sticks and nachos.

We offer a ethnic variety of food - Mexican, Chinese, Portugese, Italian and many Spanish influences.

The only problem is the parking!
Although, my town is only a mile by a mile , we have a lot to offer the residents, Within a small six block area of local business consists a privately owned movie theater, 5 bars, several nail and hair salons, one pet groomer, two mom and pop corner stores, three convenience stores, two pizza shops, two chinese take outs, two sandwich shops, three small family owned restaurants, a paint store, a glass store, car repair shop , gas station, three banks and a few smaller businesses that come and go. For the most part, many locals eat in town and get their hair and nails done, but still shop at the larger retailers.

We are unique, because we have in our mile by mile town a four recreation/entertainement/sport facilities - Gold's gym, a pool a hall, a video game hall, and a ping pong ball hall owned by an olympic medalist.
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