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I have lived in Duncan since I was in kindergarten and I have loved my time living here. Duncan is filled with restaurants, schools, and plenty of things to do.
Duncan is a small town in Spartanburg, SC the people are very nice, the public school systems are excellent. But, there isn't much to do around here for fun, but it is close to Spartanburg and Greenville where there are lots of things to do. Duncan is a growing town, many companies are moving in and there are many housing developments being built here. Duncan is home to the James F. Byrnes High School Rebels which is a fantastic school.
Small town, low crime level, rising home values, the halfway mark between spartanburg and greenville.
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Duncan is very family friendly. There are lots of places to eat and hang out with friends and family.
Duncan is a very nice town with lots of diversity from an ethnic point of view to a moral point of view. Everywhere you go, you'll always be treated fairly whether it's a fast-food restaurant or grocery store. The people in Duncan, SC are overall nice people. They treat others (whether or not who they are) with the same respect as they give others. Though there isn't much to do at night, there is always something to do in Duncan throughout the day.
It is a small quaint community with easy access to I-85 to get to up and coming cities such as Greenville and Spartanburg.
Duncan is mostly a suburban area. I have made a lot great friends and Duncan basically raised me into a great young lady. When there is a tragedy in our small town we come together as a big family. I am so glad that I was raised in Duncan.
I love Duncan, SC. We are a small town who always comes together for one another. Everyone supports the local high school and everyone looks out for one another. The best example of this would be recently, girl I went to high school with lost her 4 year old suddenly. We all got together and had a remeberance of her, and made tshirts and sold them and ended up making enough money to pay for the funeral. So glad I am apart of this town.
This is a quiet town, with quite a bit of space, so you aren't too close to your neighbors, but you're in range of a larger city, Greer. There are way too many police officers in this town, which results in more traffic stops and tickets. Additionally, the downtown area does not have much in the way of restaurants and shopping.
Housing is cheap but not abundant
Its loud but not to busy
I think anywhere you go there is always going to be crime, but as far as the safety of the town as a whole I think it is very safe !
I love living in the small town that I do ! I wouldnt choose to live here the rest of my life, but its beautiful and a good place to live and build a family.
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