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I have grown up in Dudley and have lived there for all 17 years of my life. The schools are great and their are great programs and sports teams to get involved in. The people are amazing and the neighboring town, Charlton, has amzing kids that go to Shepherd Hill, the local highschool.
Overall, Dudley is a very quiet neighborhood with friendly neighbors. It is a great place to settle down and raise a family. There are reasonably priced restaurants nearby along with various recreational and entertainment activities.
I moved to Dudley recently. It is a very welcoming town. It feels like home. There are some rural areas where it is very quiet and quaint. Other parts are busier and have many businesses within them. There are stores everywhere in town with many jobs to offer.
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Great schools, family oriented, affordable. There is some industry, not much. The local college is an excellent choice for a business future.
Dudley is a small town in central MA. Located 30 minutes from Worcester, 45 minutes from Springfield and an hourish from Hartford, CT or Boston, MA it is a great place to commute to work and raise a family. We do have at least 5 Dunkin Donuts in town so there is never a shortage on ice coffee.
Lived in this town for a year and a half. I like how quiet it is and close to a sense of nature while still being in close range to both my work and school. As well as decent access to shopping.
Dudley is a small town where everyone feels like family. I feel safe here. In the afternoon, you often find people jogging or running in the streets. A lot of people take their dogs on a walk too. Shepherd Hill is really close too. You can basically find everything you need in town. Charlton, Southbridge, Strubridge and Webster are close by too.
I've lived in Dudley my whole life and I really enjoy living here. It's a great little town with no crime and the schools are great.
I love Dudley- it's a great own with a beautiful library, and lots of hidden treasures to find, like hiking trails and small antique shops.
Wonderfully quaint little town, great for families. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Quality public education.
Great, small community. Schools and teacher are all excellent and care about student success. All small businesses--everywhere you go you feel like you are truly helping out a fellow resident. Would like to see a bigger playground or a park for kids besides the one by the Town Hall.
Across the street there is a corn field. Occasionally escaped cows will wander around the neighborhood. A five minute drive up the street will lead you into farm country. The most beautiful sunset can be found up by Dresser Hill Farm. A sense of how things were before big housing communities came in still exist. The side of Dudley I live on is a preserved moment in time. It is home, the sense of security and happiness couldn't be greater. I would like to see this way of living stay here. I would like to see no change on this side of town. The other side is being influenced by a small city. Over crowded living, pavement and concrete have taken up the beautiful farm land. If things could go backwards one hundred years. Only if it could.
There's a big lack of sidewalks, the roads are narrow and are impossible to navigate in the winter when streets are blocked because of snow. The cops don't respond to calls.
I live next door to drug dealers, there was a murder across the street several years ago, gangs of teenagers roam the area, and I'm scared to be home alone, especially at night.
I most definitely would choose to live here again, because it is beautiful. Its a town with lots of nature around, I actually live on the town beach. Now thats not to see say that there aren't more beautiful places all over the country, I just haven't exactly had the opportunity to visit them. Hopeful that one day I will. Until then, I'll continue enjoying my lovely area, Dudley, MA. Everyone loves New England.
Variety of great places to go for food and drink!
Local businesses in this area are great! Very friendly!
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Dudley is a really great town filled with great people. The community is very tight night and cozy with a decent amount to do. There is a small gym, The Fitness Studio, that offers a variety of classes with great employees, and decent pricing. There is a small family owned grocery store, Park n Shop, which has fairly high prices, but the quality is admirable and the employees there are very helpful and friendly to customers. There's a nail salon, two consignment shops, two hair salons, two liquor stores, three doughnut shops (Dunkin', Honey Dew, and Dippin' Donuts), two gas stations, a Big Lots, a family dollar, a golf course, and a few restaurants. Behind the elementary school, there is a small beach where residents go in the summer time, and kids are welcome to play on the school playground all year round (though it is not accessible during the school day except to students and teachers). The police and firemen here are wonderful and are extremely helpful when you need their assistance or when you have questions or worries of any type. Each year, Dudley holds a strawberry festival in June, and an apple festival in August, both are a great deal of fun and residents enjoy them very much. A few other fun and exciting happenings in Dudley include the small petting zoo that shows up just next to Marty's liquor store every summer, the craft fair held at Shepherd Hill Regional High School (SHRHS) each November, and all of the incredible performances put on by the SHRHS students throughout the year. Dudley is an active community with a great school system, and friendly neighbors. There are always people walking, running, riding bikes, and saying hello to you whether they know you or not. Another big piece of the Dudley community is Nichols college, a small private business school located near Dudley Center. No town is perfect, but Dudley comes pretty close. Move here, and you won't regret it.
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