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Draper is a very nice and beautiful place to live in. People there are very friendly and welcoming. Draper is very very safe and hardly any violence. Draper is very close to local shops and restaurants. There is a lot of transportation available in Draper, for example the Utah traxs. Which can take you to Salt Lake City. Overall, Draper is a great place to raise family and to not worry about your kids safety.
I love it. I have grown up in Draper and it is a very safe environment. It is very safe for kids there are great public schools and majority of people are very friendly. To the point where you can leave your door unlocked and not have people break in.
I love it here. The people are wonderful and it is so close to the mountains and also the city. It has wonderful biking trails as well!
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as a single woman, I feel very safe here in my goings-on throughout the city. child-friendly, commuter friendly, access to grocery stores and with the infrastructure it is easy to keep up with my family.
I've grown up here all my life and it's been such a great community. They have many service opportunities and it's a close-knit community. Many sports and club opportunities are available and there is a extensive amount of fantastic parks. Also, a very large portion of the population is religious (LDS) and they provide many service learning opportunities. It's not very diverse, but it is a growing community with many more families moving in. The vast majority of the population is conservative, while I am more liberal, but it is a very safe community with many job opportunities.
I love that the people who live in Draper are very kind and generous. I am always getting along with neighbors. There are also many fun places to go with friends/family and awesome places to eat. The schools are great too.
Draper is a great place! We have a lot of great and moral people in this community. This community is a place where we can speak our minds and be heard and supported. Draper is also beautiful, we have a lot of protected land and hiking or biking trails. Overall this place is a great place.
I would love to see more diversity and more people coming together for events. I love the peace and quiet here
I haven't lived in Draper long. So far I really enjoy the quiet nature of the area. There is enough around, but it isn't as busy as central SLC. There are some nice restaurants in the area for special occasions and a couple of healthier spots, which I appreciate. However, though I do like the more relaxed feel of Draper, it would be nice if there were a couple more options for night life and a couple more trendier spots for dining out or spending time with friends (post covid of course). Its not too expensive considering the size of the houses; but, I also come from San Diego so my viewpoint on that may be skewed. Overall, I really like the area and plan on looking for a home here eventually (I currently rent).
Draper is an excellent place to raise a family. The area is safe and family-friendly. It has lots of good schools and has many opportunities for students in those schools. There's not really a nightlife, so if you're a single, young adult, this probably isn't the place to live. The people who live here are middle to upper-middle-class and so the houses are really nice and new but all are at least 550,000 dollars.
I've lived in Draper for about 10 years now and I really like it. There is unnecessary road work sometimes, but there isn't a lot of crimes. I live near the mountain area and it has a great view in the summer. I really enjoy it.
Draper is very clean and overall a beautiful place to visit for the day, let alone live here all year round. It's very family friendly, and there's multiple Trax stations throughout the city (i.e., you can get anywhere rather quickly and efficiently without walking everywhere!) There are multiple employment opportunities as well as multiple outdoor adventures.
I live on the edge of Draper in an area called Suncrest. This lush community is full of kind neighbors, and lots of activities and things to do. Activities including hiking, biking, meeting at the HOA (for parties and swimming), and more. Suncrest is also located by some very nice schools in the area with nearby bus stops. It just takes time to adjust to coming down the mountain and being somewhat distanced from everything. But it’s only a 10 minute commute to drive down the mountain and then then the shops and schools are right there.
Its a very beautiful place to live, there's a lot of commerce in Draper but there is also a lot to do outdoors. It is also very safe and family-friendly. However, it's pretty boring and there's a lack of diversity.
Draper is an amazing city, with an above and beyond community that is always looking for new ways to include and provide for those around them. Moving into my neighborhood was an eyeopening experience; neighbors were bringing over welcoming gifts and doing all that they could to make us feel welcomed into the neighborhood. The people in this community truly go above and beyond for their neighbors and do their best to make them feel safe and at home.
Near the LDS temple on the mountain, there are a lot of rich people and huge houses. My high school had the 'rich school' reputation. Really though, most people are middle income. There are great businesses, recreation areas and people here.
Tight knit community of gossipy soccer moms. Large houses. The house school is packed with a bunch of rich kids with brand new cars. Just recently developing employment opportunities in the area, still nothing to do after 9 pm unless you drive 30 minutes to salt lake.
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There are a lot of things to do and wonderful views of the mountains! There are a lot of outdoor activities to partake in!
A lot of rich white people, super privileged but very nice and safe. Close to everything and very family oriented with a lot of good food.
Draper has been my home for 13 years and I wouldn't change that for the world. It has the most amazing people and community and it is a beautiful place to live and have a family.
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