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Not a lot of crime happens in our area, but whenever something does come up the police are very responsive and reliable.
Very nice neighborhood where a lot of the neighbors get along. A lot of people in my area are very friendly also.
Most of the time, there is not a big crime rate here so I would say it's reasonably safe.
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I would love to live here again, but I have bigger goals in my life. I wish to travel more and experience many other areas before settling down in one area.
Very fast response of police
theres always a police presence when they are anticipating something (like at high school football games with the rival school) but all in all its a very safe neighborhood.
Its a good place to raise kids, personally it didn't have the diversity, adventure or convenience that I wanted in my life. But it is a stable and safe community
The Reston/Herndon area has been growing over the years. The area is filled with a lot of businesses, but the downfall is the residents who live in this area. There are a lot of neighborhoods that are specific for low income families and majority of the time these people are involved in drugs, gangs, or crime. It is the only aspect that makes the area unsafe (has nothing to do with ethnicity).
The kids of this area have no respect for one another. Some are racist and biased. Cliques are arranged by race and status of life. Although there is no physical bullying, cyberbullying is really bad. The kids are so drowned into the media they don't get to realize what's out there in the real world. The kids are so into partying and it affects thremselves along with everyone around them.
I love my community. The education is very good in this area and there aren't a lot of crimes. Its not as busy as the city, but also not rural either which I really like.
There are a lot of good restaurants in this area. And there are a lot of varieties in this area.
Finding enplyment in this area is okay. There are a lot of job opportunities in this area.
The public services are good. I see buses driving in different locations all the time.
The nature of this area is why I love to live here. An abundance of decently-kept parks and a variety of natural features make the area beautiful. It could only be better if people were more diligent about not littering and contaminating the environment.
There is almost no crime in this area. Police are alert and diligent.
The climate of this area is great. Although winter temperatures can occasionally drop to dangerously cold levels, and summer days can occasionally be uncomfortably hot or humid, the vast majority of days can be very pleasantly spent outdoors.
This is a prime location for employment. A large variety of career fields are present here, from fashion to technology to education. A variety of job opportunities is almost always present for those with a college or even high school education.
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A review for this section is two-fold. While there are plenty of options for restaurants, both chain and individual, and even an impressive range of international dining options, such as a great Pho restaurant and an authentic Mexican restaurant, there are very few bars and extremely few/no nightlife establishments. Residents of this area do not have a place to go clubbing or dancing.
The businesses in this area are predominantly national franchises, meaning that while selection is large, customer service is often lacking. One pleasant exception is the presence of a thriving seasonal farmer's market which provides a viable and more personal alternative to the generic chain grocery stores that dominate the area.
It's good and safe and very clean!
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