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Great Community, Schools (academics, athletics, wonderful music programs,...) and the library. I enjoy the diversity. Absolutely love the Tivoli Theater and downtown area. The new restaurants are fabulous. I always look forward to the summer concert series at Fishel Park on Tuesday evenings! Great fun!
This is a great place to live and raise a family. The school are great and the teachers really care about the education of their students. The park district is great and offers a wide variety of activities for the kids of this community.
I have lived in Downers Grove for 10 years. Among the strengths of the community include a vibrant and family friendly downtown along with some of the safest streets in the nation. The town leans conservative, however this is starting to change as the town becomes more diverse.
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Downers Grove has provided my family and I with great opportunities and the real sense of a great community. Only a short train ride from downtown Chicago, Downers Grove has so many activities and you can be in the big city within 30 minutes. Downers Grove is great for families and has been a safe and happy place to grow up.
Nothing that isn't out of the control of the township. Local government are mostly efficient and small businesses are able to thrive there.
Downers Grove is a very safe area, with many local stores and shops to choose from. As far as things to do you are limited but the surrounding area can help you in that department. There are many great places to eat and a local place for kids to play.
There's a lot of drugs around on the down low, but overall a pretty decent place to be and live, it does get a bit boring though.
Downers Grove is a nice place to live. It has a downtown area with shops and restaurants. It also has many parks. Mc Cullum park is the hub of sports as well as a playground and mini golf. The neighborhoods are quiet and I feel very safe here. If I were to change anything, I would try to make it more bike friendly with more bike lanes for safe travel to the parks, fields and shops
there are a few vacant
people walk, run, walk dogs, and are very friendly
more break in's then last year
close to city if you want to go
It's a very nice quiet family friendly neighborhood with good school districts which is why we moved in this area
There is rarely any crime besides speeding or minor traffic offenses. Police are always ready and on the job when needed.
This area is a great place to raise children because of the great schools and recreation areas around here. There is rarely any crime and it is safe for children to play outside with their friends. I would personally not live here again because on weekends there is not much to do besides eating out or going to the movies. Hopefully in the future they add more things to do like a mall or museum close by.
Has zero gravity a teen club, rita night club. A lot of fast food chains. A few bars to choose from.
Mostly dominated by big stores like walmart, meijer, and ultra foods. But if you look hard enough you will find the smaller store
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When searching for a job I went around to all the local stores and applied. Only a few wanted a interview and did not get a job.
The outdoors life here is somewhat nonexistent in regards to hiking, biking, swimming and the like. But the few parks in the area are very nice and well-kept.
The local businesses here are good for the necessities.
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