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It is very family friendly. Kids feel very safe but recently drivers in dormont haven’t been as careful as they should and people are starting to notice that the police do not do anything to stop them
I like small town feel of the neighborhood with great public transportation and many local business to enjoy. Would like more diversity in restaurants and shops.
Older affordable homes and the surrounding neighborhoods make this an appealing community but it is congested. Commuting to downtown is easy if using public transportation. Traveling on West Liberty is a nightmare during peak commute times. The business district is OK but there aren't many shops or restaurants that are a draw, the potential exists but a lack of public parking, parking in general might be hindering business growth.
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Dormont gives you all of the perks of the city without actually being in the city. The schools are good, housing is super affordable & it's easy to get into the city for work. The Borough also has a lot of opportunity for community involvement and really caters to young families with their programming. It's also changing rapidly from what used to be an older/retired demographic to a now increasingly young neighborhood. That comes with bumps in the road. You still have the old guard who rebuff change and complain about the traffic on West Liberty, but overall, it's a great place to live, and I'm excited to see how it grows in the near future.
A nice walking community, in an average school district, and a place I’ve lived all of my life. Public events can be cheap and some federal records are still recorded by hand. Code enforcement also slacks off/acts as if rules don’t apply to them.
Access to transportation to Pittsburgh by the PAT is very good . Nice little shopping district, Dormont Park, Library, Eateries, and nice people. Needs more parking so the community can open up West Liberty Ave to two lanes all day.
It is a small community that is just outside the city. The location is great! It is close to everything in the Pittsburgh area and just minutes outside of the city. It is a great place in terms of community. The neighbors are like family and look out for one another. There are a lot of unique shops nearby, with a large variety as well.
At seventeen years old, I have lived in Dormont my whole life. Residents of this neighborhood are easily able to build relationships with their fellow neighbors because of how close together the homes are. Dormont is a small, lively, historic, welcoming, friendly, diverse, and involved community directly out of Pittsburgh. Dormont is a hub for small businesses one of which I work at, Vintage Grace Boutique. Residents of the community greatly support these small businesses. Elementary children living in Dormont are only provided with buses if they live on the south eastern side of the main road, West Liberty. all other Dormont children must walk to school. Dormont is the location for Keystone High School which includes students from neighboring communities of Green Tree and Castle Shannon. nighttime can be a little scary due to the lack of light on the streets.
I like that Dormont has a lot of stores and everywhere you walk it said Dormont is welcome freindly to all
Dormont is a great place to live. It's close to public transportation, major shipping and nightlife areas, and downtown Pittsburgh. It's very family oriented but there are also many young professionals. The rent also tends to be cheaper than many neighborhoods in Pittsburgh.
Dormont has everything we want in a neighborhood with the added benefit of actual affordability.

It takes approximately 10 minutes to get downtown on the T. We have Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Bosnian, Mexican, & Indian food; fantastic diners; a historic movie theater; a bookstore; a 60,000 sq ft swimming pool; a wooden castle playground; a metaphysical store; a grocery store that sells Middle Eastern/Eastern European food; a Buddhist temple & many churches; a library; a post office; a florist; boutiques; many pizza shops & hair salons; a record store; a coffee shop, bars...etc.

Dormont has it all! The historic houses have tons of unique architectural features like stained glass windows, transom windows, & big porches with fancy millwork. The community cares a great deal, and our neighbors are down-to-earth. Dormont feels authentically "Pittsburgh."

If you're looking for a walkable & transit friendly neighborhood with actual culture, Dormont is the place to be.
Dormont is okay, if you grew up here it's much better than moving here. The parking, one way streets, and construction make it a pain to even get to and from your house.
Dormont is a quaint suburb, nested between a few of the more wealthy Pittsburgh areas. You'll note the roads are less than perfect and a few of the businesses are run-down, but it's in this imperfection that you find the true beauty of this town.

The restaurants along Potomac are deceptive; on the outside they appear as any other local, but once you try the food you'll taste the heart of Dormont. Molly's Pizzeria is one of the best in the city-with quality specials and a unique cream cheese fill, the food will blow you away.

The public schools are higher tier, benefiting from the tax dollars in the neighboring suburbs. The streets are safe enough for the kids to walk to school and crossing guards dot the street at all the crucial travel times during the day.

Cost of living is as cheap as you'll find and real estate is quality for the location. You're a 10 minute commute to downtown so the location can't be beaten!
For as long as I've lived here, I have seen little to no crime at all. The police are very visible and they seem to respond quickly when needed. I have no concerns as far as my safety.
My overall experience with living in Dormont is great! I've only been living here for a couple of months but I have enjoyed my move very much. All of my neighbors are pleasant and the community itself has great people living here. I would love to live in Dormont for many years to come mostly because of the convenience and affordability. I believe that it should be ranked in the top five or ten percent based on the community alone. There's plenty of restaurants, shops, and bars making the future of Dormont very promising.
It's pretty decent for the most part.
There is a great community and a lot of culture. Especially when it comes to the arts. Growing up here has been such a good experience. Everything is within a close distance from each other. I definitely would like to continue living in PA for most of my life.
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Lots of housing variety, very affordable
Hoping to get involved more.
Police always around & friendly, never felt unsafe
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