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Doraville is a very diverse city. The biggest attraction in the Doraville area definitely has to be the businesses built around Buford Highway. I feel comfortable around this area as this is the only area I’ve ever known. I’m fortunate to have backgrounds of all kinds around me to know other people’s cultures as well as the melting pot that is Buford highway.
Doraville is a suburban city in Georgia. Doraville has a lot to offer such as a wide variety of restaurants all the way from Mexican, Bengali, Chinese, Korean, Guatemalan, you name it, all types of food. Speaking about diversity, Doraville is also very ethnically diverse and dwells many different ethnicities. Doraville also stores a multitude of schools where kids can have the opportunity to learn and grow. Overall, I have been living in Doraville for all of my life and I can not say one bad thing about this city.
It's okay, the area looks kinda sketchy sometimes but in the area I live in, there is a big asian community which I enjoy.
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Doraville is a nice town, and places like the Dunwoody Nature Center, the Forum, and the restaurants make it a family-friendly location for young people and their kids. I've spent my entire life here, and I can say personally it has been a great area.
I love Doraville! It's generally quite clean and safe! I grew up in this city and I love how green everything is!
I have live in Doraville since 1998 and love it. Very safe and affordable, if you like diversity it is the city for you.
If you love illegal boarding houses with no parking for the 30+ 'dwellers' per house with your crapbox trucks, vans, trailers, cars, box trucks, mini buses etc parked on both sides of the street for as far as the eye can see, well look no further. If you enjoy footing the bill for illegals & weirdos care/living expenses, then the 'Affordable Housing' we used to call Nutwoods (NANA) is calling your name. The new council has already shown the citizens how represented they are by wearing I stand with immigrants tshirts at their last antifa protest & Doraville gay pride pool party. I'm so glad the new council voted to change the city logo to: "weird, queer and here" because it is very inclusive & welcoming. Doraville won first place in sky high taxes of all surrounding cities too!
I love the diversity of Doraville. It is the Mecca for authentic, worldly foods. Once you enter the international highway, all of your sense come alive. It is multicultural in its people, food, restaurants, and shops. I would love to see it become more of a friendly commuter, bike-riding or walking area. Perhaps add bike lanes and safer sideways.
They need to do something about the crime there. Maybe with the new police chief, he will do something about it. The old one didn't seem to have a grip on it.
I agree with many that the council is unbelievably corrupt and most people aren't motivated to do or say anything about it. I enjoy the diversity of people and the food and my great location in relation to Buford Highway, but it is necessary that citizens of the town make an effort to use their voice to influence the careless people in power here.
Overall, Doraville is a very nice place to live. There are several neighborhoods and apartment complexes that allow for a wide diversity of people. Doraville is right next to Northlake Mall and is very close to the MARTA station, so you can hang around near the perimeter, but taking a trip downtown is just as accessible.
I have resided in Doraville less than a year and feel quite safe in my home. Very rarely do I hear much out of the neighborhood. Nice family area for those seeking diversity.
Great area to live. Many different cultures and age groups live in my area. They are currently building a new elementary school near my area. However, they could do better with street maintenance as there are many pot wholes
Having lived in the area for more than 30 years I can say that this city is the biggest dump in DeKalb County. Governed by morons and crooks the city is falling apart. Buford Hwy. is full of trashy shops and wholesale businesses that the public is not allowed in. The worst schools by far. Renters and slumlords rule the 2 neighborhoods outside of the perimeter and like cancer, these slumlords are now taking over the only desirable neighborhood, Northwoods, too. The ignorant hillbillies at city hall are pinning all the city's success on the old GM plant property now called Assembly and being developed by shysters with no experience in this type of development. Eating weird food and bad Mexican tacos will soon lose its edgy urban-hipster feel. If you want to live with intelligent people that aren't on welfare run quickly to Chamblee, Brookhaven, or Tucker.
I like that is very quiet and has lots of stores and restaurants nearby. I think the real estate market is quite expensive, and the people are not as friendly as where I use to live. I like that it’s close to the highway and easier for me to get downtown as long as I don’t get stuck in traffic.
I moved to Doraville when I was in middle school, I was very new to the area so i didn't understand the environment I was living in. As years past by, I began to grow closer with my community and realized how diverse and welcoming Doraville area is. Because this area is so diverse, I was able to eat food from all around the world: from China to Korean to Mexico to Cuba. I was never disappointed with the restaurants around Doraville area; there was always something to do and eat.
After living here for 20 years I can say without hesitation that Doraville is governed by the most ignorant and inept citizens in the region. Doraville is a jewel waiting to be discovered and should be the most valuable property in the Atlanta area but the visionless, uneducated council sit on their collective hands and do nothing but raise taxes, give themselves huge salaries, and cheer about holding 10-minute council meetings. Transient renters are allowed to wreak havoc on property values and a blind-eye is turned when laws and ordinances are broken by these uninvested groups that cram into our neighborhood houses. Nothing good will ever come to Doraville until the mayor and her stooges are deposed...which if there is a god, will be soon!
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Very welcoming and comfortable-feeling neighborhood. It has all the stores, restaurants and food places you could need. Most establishments are within a 5 mile radius and there are tons of choices.
Doraville is an up-and-coming area with renovations done yearly on the community to improve lifestyle. New businesses have opened throughout the years, cross walks have been made, and new apartments have also been constructed. Overall Doraville have slowly been improving their community throughout the years.
Doraville is new upcoming neighborhood minutes away from Dunwoody and brookhaven without the property tax values. Plenty of parks and recreations. There is a marta station not to far away from and library.
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