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Brunswick, Georgia is a good place for retirees to settle down. Despite the little crime that takes place, it is a good place to reside and raise a family. For young people that is trying to form a career, it isn't a good idea for somewhere to reside. It isn't a lot of job opportunities and not much to do or activities. But overall, it hasn't been bad growing up in Brunswick, Ga., but it isn't a place I hope to reside while pursuing my nursing profession.
This is where I have grown up. I love the area because my family is here and we are fortunate enough to partake in the marine life and Sea Island. Other than that, the government here has too many crooked cops. Especially a lady who patrols out on exit 29. She's not happy, she's not nice to civillians or animals. It's ridiculous to know that the majority of our police officers instigate trouble in their home life and do not create an approachable demeanor.
Walmart and target is the best place to shop. Also, the dollar store are great.
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You have to have a two person income to survive. The pay wages here is bad especially being a single mother
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