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I have lived in Devine for almost my entire life, and I can confidently say that it is the best small town from our area. If you are looking for a small town that is close enough to a big city for day trips, then Devine is the town for you!
I have lived in Devine for over 20 years. A very family-friendly environment. The people are friendly, conservative values, and always willing to help other people. I feel our little town is a safe environment for our kids from a very young age throughout their teenage years,. We have a good school system, it has problems like every school but very minimal. Our kids score well on their state tests and there are a lot of opportunities for them to be involved in some sort of community or school activity.
I currently live in Devine. It is great small town and family friendly. The school is great academically and athletically.
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It is a very small town of tight knit people. Unfortunately, rumors tend to spread because of it. Also, except the occasional festivals, there is not really a whole lot to do. The parks I have see are average and the golf course has issues. Apparently, the city council is not the most welcoming or friendly. Admittedly though, that is just a rumor.
Devine, Tx is a small town with a close knit community. Unfortunately, there is nothing to do in the town. An older, 'set in their ways' city council prevents anything fun or modern from being put in the town. Great place to retire if you are older. If you are young, though, you might want to find somewhere else to go like hondo or castroville. The public school system is fantastic. Because of the lack of entertainment, kids and teenagers often get into trouble with drugs but the amount and reason is kept under wraps by the city and police dept.
It is small and really does not possess anything special about it. It provides the necessary needs for living, but not much to do.
There is little crime in this area. The police are always visible and even patrol the streets at night. If there is someone roaming the streets at night past curfew, the police stop them and give them a ride home. Because it's a small town, it's very safe. There are even lampposts lining my long street!
I love the small town because nobody is a stranger. We know who everyone is and are definitely friendly to our neighbors. I see big things in the future for this small town. For the 19 years that I've been here, there has been nothing but growth. My little town even got it's own Walmart! If I could do it all over, I definitely would. I wouldn't want to live anywhere else because my little town is the best.
The city is safe, barely crimes happen around the neighborhood, without doubt a very secure city.
The area provides everything you need from great school to great job opportunities.
The crime in our area is low and the community keeps up with everyone to make sure of everyone safety.
Where I live we always have had stores that were family owned and so when new businesses open it is hard for people to adapt to the changes.
nothing usually happens here in our small town
when its a small town everyone knows you and that's what makes it great to grow-up in a small town
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