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It is affordable, and there is plenty of activities for city life. Restaurants and places for beverages are plenty and versatile. The best part about Des Moines is the people. There is something to be said about the kindness of Iowans. My only complaint is that there is not enough outdoors recreational activities for my activity level. I prefer to hike and spend most of my time outdoors when the weather calls for it. In Des Moines, there are many city streets, but the night skies are nothing to make time for. You can always expect a clean sidewalk with a gas station and cafe or restaurant within a mile or two.
Des Moines is an excellent place to live.
There is a lot of interesting things to do and see here. It's a mid sized city with a small town feel. People are friendly and helpful. Neighbor helping neighbor. It's clean and crime is relatively small. The things I would change, we need more and better public transit and the city really needs to be better about street maitence.
I am fairly new to the area, but have to say I have enjoyed all the opportunities that Des Moines offers.
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I love Des Moines and surrounding communities. Everything you may need is right here ! Family oriented and boredom is rare. DesMoines has so much to offer your life and a great place to raise a family nonmatter your ethnicity. Great schools, great shopping, and all around endless possibilties!
I have lived in Des Moines for most of my life, I call this city my home and take pride in it. The holiday celebrations the city and it's people all do is very memorable and not to mention the many activities available, from concerts by the river to local farmers' markets downtown and many ethical fests. I have grown up here and have gone on many adventures with trying out different restaurants and sitting in on open-mic nights and even riding bikes in the night and watching over the city from parking garages. Des Moines has changed and improved much but never lost it's greatness in being unique to Iowa and a fantastic home to many.
I think Des moines is a great place to live as for a family. Not only does it have a good education system and welcoming environment, but is extremely safe too.
Des Moines is the perfect size for any kind of family, its small enough that you arent stuck in traffic for hours but is big enough we have some niche franchises here.
Des Moines is a fast grown community and has a lot to offer for people of all ages. Des Moines is also a great place to raise a family.
Des Moines is a good city for a student. It has just enough to do when you have free time and not too much that would distract you.
Des Moines has the luxuries of a large city but the friendly feel of the small community. It is a cultural center of art, music, and food, it has some of the greatest systems in the country, a rich history, beautiful suburbs, and fantastic events happening year round downtown at the Events Center.
The people are very friendly. You get a to experience a city without all of the traffic and people of a big city.
This is a very diverse community that is just the right size. Great place to raise a family with great schools without fantastic teachers. We have something going on downtown all the time, music, local arts and food.
I've have lived in Des Moines Iowa for my entire life, so about 14 years. Im a 14 year old girl and I think Des Moines is a pretty nice place to live. Des Moines is very safe and has a good amount of diversity.
It is a small community with all the facilities that you can probably get. When I first came to the city, I thought that I would be pretty bored in this small community and I was also confused that this place is the capital of the state, but still is too small to be recognised as the downtown, but slowly I realise that it has everything that anyone would want from good restaurants to all the stores and hotels. There is also less traffic jams so you could always reach your destination in time. Although since the community is small, you can be more close to the poeple.
i love des moines! i came from a small town with nothing to do and now being here its just you cant decide what to do!!! theres attractions such as the botanical garden, the sculptre park, and lt not forget all the places to fish! this town alson always has something going on like the state fair, concerts, and races.
I like that Des Moines is fairly small and slow paced compared to other Capital cities. I also love seeing the city grow around us. There are new buildings, businesses, restaurants and neighborhoods being added all over.
I absolutely love how culturally diverse the city is for it's size! The majority of my teen years were spent exploring the quaint city and I always felt safe getting myself from one place to another. Des Moines is an extremely unique city in which many areas have a wonderful sense of individuality and inclusiveness.
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Des Moines is an inexpensive place to live with the amenities of a medium city. I personally find the bike paths around the area that I live to be very satisfactory.
I've lived in Des Moines my entire life so far and a lot has changed, some for the good and a lot for the bad. I personally don't like the winter weather but love our beautiful summers that are great for outdoor activities, especially motorcycle riding through the country.
I have grown up in Des Moines. I love living here. It is a great place to raise children and provide a very comfortable lifestyle. The cost of living is great.
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