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Drugs are becoming a bigger problem.
It's rural and quiet for the most part. The people are nice and the local school is great.
Slightly run-down, but I still like living here.
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I believe that the public services are usually quick when you call. But if you do not reach out to them, they will not notice you,
I always see cops pulling people over for speeding, but not for much else around here.
I love western PA. You get to enjoy all the weather and it is never too bad! Some winters are worse than others, and then some summers can be hotter than others. But it is all well circled throughout the season around here!
There are local places to go drinking, dancing,etc, but nothing too crazy. You can find sports bars, and local bars, but nothing like the busy city of Pittsburgh! Least that isn't a bad drive from here when needed!
There are many restaurants, fast food, and retail places around this area! It is super easy to find at least one place hiring if you look around! It may not be your dream job, but its a start!
I live in New Derry, PA. It's not too busy here, no big stores or busy restaurants. Many private own stores like Rosemary's Country Kitchen or Babe's Bar, along with Masterrocco's. But its the perfect location because within five minutes you can get to Latrobe where you have chains like Walmart, K-mart, Lowes, and many places to eat like Dino's, Eat n Park, and fast food like McDonalds and Dairy Queen!
The only places open after 10 are Sheetz and Walmart.
I'm not really sure Im only 20
There aren't a lot of mom and pop shops near me. The closest would be little diners but even then they are few and far between. Mostly it's walmarts and sheetz/dennys
The jobs are scarce but if you look you can find then but you have to have training of sometime and an education
There are several factories in the area with tons of restaurants. Whether you like the work or not, it is all up to what you make of the opportunity.
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