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It's such a beautiful state, we get the four seasons, mountains and so many things to do. It is very family oriented.
As someone who has traveled most of the US, this is the best place to be. Plenty of outdoor activites, a good social scene (when COVID-19 isnt a thing) and in general a wonderful climate. In the summer, Denver can get to 100+, however within a 3 hour drive, you can go have a snowball fight, or camp in the mountains at 50 degrees. Changes in Altitude, cause changes in Attitude. Pick your adventure! Bad side, Cost of living here is HIGH.
I love Denver. It is such a beautiful city that is very diverse and family friendly. It has so much to offer and there is so much to do.
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Overall nice city but expensive. I have not lived here long but I like what I have experienced and the area is very pretty. I like that it is easy to get around using public transport (train, buses).
Denver is a great city to live in. It offers the cultural vibrancy of a city but the proximity to the outdoors that is hard to beat.
I love living in Denver, but it is hard to build a future as a young person. I am in my mid-20's, make a great salary, and cannot imagine saving enough money to own a house in Denver. Denver is an amazing place to live with a great lifestyle, but it is very difficult to build a long term future here. I love the people, the community, and the small businesses here, however.
It all depends on what part of Denver you are in. I live right on the boarder of Denver and Aurora. I like where I live it’s pretty peaceful
Denver is where my fullest enjoyment, educational and experience can thrive. I could be surrounded by warm and like-minded hungry people like me.
Denver was great. Every sunset here is gorgeous. The ambiance of the nightlife from the clubs, musicals, to 16th street makes Denver the place to be. Easily accessible via car, bike, walking or even light rail. Denver is the place to go for a quick bite to eat, a trip to the zoo, a walk down 16th street, a trip to the musical or opera house, Denver always has something to do. Theres an abundance of parks and places to visit and take awesome pictures.
I like that everyone pulls together in tough times. From coronavirus to racial injustice you see unity from every corner
Denver is an extremely clean city. There is a lot of outdoor activities to be done here. Each area/ neighborhood is extremely unique. The public transportaion could be better, and the traffic on the highway has gotten worse over time.
I am a Denver native and overall I love the city I have grown up in. In recent years there has been a population boom which is both good and bad. The price of housing has gone up tremendously since I was a kid but now there are so many more cultures and people to interact with and learn from.
Denver is a hip and happening city! It is filled with work opportunities and a variety of community events. It's a melting pot of cultures, religions, race, and walks of life. It's a "small town" metropolis, with lots to do. From Lodo to Rino and the Highlands to Stapleton, there are plenty of bars, restaurants, breweries, and dispensaries to choose from! There are also a growing number of protected bike lanes and bike routes throughout the city, making it easy to navigate to and from work and home without having to constantly battle traffic. There are also some great parks to relax, exercise, and gather within the city limits! Colorado has been my home for my entire life and the variety that Denverites have to choose from, makes it an easy place to stay. With quick access to the mountains via i-70, Denver is a great home base for all of your mountain adventures! If you want to live somewhere with fun activities and over 300 days of sunshine, Denver is the place for you!
I like how safe and supportive Denver been when people are protesting. People in the Denver area understand why people are protesting making the community friendly and understanding.
The weather is mostly dry, warm, and sunny. You don't feel the cold as much even when the temperature is low, and I don't know why.

It's a friendly place. There's a child-like harmlessness about people.

The economy is growing and people are upbeat. Don't expect it to be heaven though. Jobs are still somewhat tough to get, though it might be easier in tech. People aren't perfect. I liked Boulder a little better, but there are many good people in Denver. I remember a quote on the side of a city government building stating that a city was only as good as its people or something like that, and I give Denver five stars because of its people. There's a lot of milennials who have escaped unfavorable conditions on the east coast and in the south. There are too many men though. They call it "Menver" for this reason.

I still miss it. I liked most of the suburbs, including Broomfield, Brighton, Lakewood, Golden, Centennial, Littleton, and the north central region. Aurora I could do without.
It is a large city with all the amenities, lots of restaurants, college, zoo, and the view of the Rocky Mountains. There are many thing to do there, the motels and hotels are very good. Some of the downtown has very good accommodations that are close to the museum, shopping, restaurants, theaters, and also close to the live plays that are numerous.
Denver is a great town that offers a balance between big city life and casual mountain town. The outdoor experiences are second to none and the local food scene is excellent. There are many different neighborhoods to visit, each with their own charm. I highly recommend it!
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Denver has great weather, but the traffic is getting bad thanks to everyone moving here. The drivers are awful and road rage is rampant.
Denver is an amazing city with great weather and even better people! Close proximity to the front range and the mountains allows for all types of people to discover themselves in nature and stay physically active outdoors.
Depends on where you are in Denver. Traffic is usually terrible regardless of where you are. Lots do if you're into the outdoors life as well as breweries, lots of different restaurants to try, and sports. Schools are also okay depending on where you are. The Denver Public School system is not the greatest, but others around it such as Adams 12 and SD27J are pretty good. Cost of living is ridiculous though and continues to get more and more expensive as more people move here.
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