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There's so much diversity, and everyday you could see the evolution we are becoming. Neighborhoods are friendly, and although we are known for downtown, there are also various parks and recreation centers.
Denver is crowded and expansive. I like about Denver,the people and the weather. The sun shines often, snow is usually 6 inches or less. The people are generally welcoming and inclusiclve. I want to see a change house rent because it's too expensive .
Denver is full of exciting things to do and see. It is very people and dog friendly. I would like to see less homelessness.
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Denver is very diverse in its own way. There is lots of outdoor activities at the tips of your fingers and nightlife just waiting for you to dive into. If you want a different kind of "big city" try Denver out.
Denver is a wonderfully progressive city. You cannot beat the weather. It is not too hot (typically), not too cold (only once and a while), lacks the oppressive humidity, and has more sun than you'll know what to do with. The parks are amazing, the beer is superb, but there is so much more just below the surface.

While Denver does check most of the boxes, it isn't without its flaws. The city is growing so rapidly that the traffic is relentless and doesn't seem to be getting any better. In fact, Denver needs to really determine a plan of action to address its infrastructure or it will be in jeopardy of becoming a truly impassable city. There is a ton of gentrification and housing price gouging going on at the moment as well. All in all I could not be happier with my decision to move to Denver over 8 years ago. I don't know if this will ultimately be where I decide to hang it up for good, but I can't think of any place better at the moment.
Denver, particularly the LoDo area around 16th street and Union Station, is a lively Urban/Downtown area that anyone would feel welcome in. However the city tends to feel a bit crowded at times and traffic can really make or break your day should you find yourself driving or being around cars during rush hour times of the day.

During normal business hours there are more than enough things to do and places to eat to keep you entertained for a while as well as having very decent accessibility through RTD and free-mallrides.

Despite this, there are some places in Denver that can be quite dirty and the homeless population around 16th street mall can become a decent turn-off to many looking to head down here for a fun time.
I love Denver, and living so close to the mountains. It makes weekend trips to go ski or camp or hike etc. easy and fun. The only complaint I have is how crowded Denver has gotten in the past few years. The traffic has gotten ridiculous and it is so expensive living here. Otherwise, it's a beautiful city and it's great to be so close to so many natural attractions.
Denver is a rapidly growing and changing city. With major change also comes growing pains like high rent and overcrowding but overall, Denver provides a high quality of life for its residents. There are great restaurants and breweries on nearly every street corner and plenty of outdoor activities.
With the influx of people & gentrification of neighborhood after neighborhood, it's getting time to find a new place to live. The natural surroundings are awe inspiring; but with the growth it's harder to not only get to those sites but impossible to enjoy them. The wild places are being ruined by tourism, overpopulation, & the trash left behind. Traffic is horrendous. Drivers are rude. The infrastructure is a disaster & the solutions CDOT create are nothing but bottlenecks. The destruction of 1600 resident geese is the new norm. A despicable and unnecessary act. Many longtime residents I have spoken with are ready to depart, if not already doing so. Wages are not commensurate with the cost of living. Denver is now a playground to the privileged. Marginalizing the disadvantaged & other helpless creatures.
denver is a great city with lots of different activities to do. It is safe and the people here are nice and friendly
If you are interested in art, food, and breweries and plentiful of events year round this just might be the place for you. Denver has a wide range of family friendly activities such as the theme parks, Denver Zoo, and Aquarium, but in addition has an exciting nightlife as well. During the summer almost every other business hires but there is a large decline during the winter mostly due to the fact that local businesses close on Mondays and Tuesdays. Denver is extremely efficient and reliable public transportation some, like the 16th street mall, is free to ride. Over all Denver is a wonderful place to not only visit but live as well!
Awesome City.. Very diverse..I would recommend relocating to any part of Denver to anyone wanting a little bit of everything in their life.
Denver is a city with a lot of character. Just driving from one end to another, you can feel the diversity and experience all the qualities of the city. However, it might take awhile if you drove from one end to another because of the constant traffic (the biggest downside, in my opinion). Denver has so many places unique to it, such as Casa Bonita, an incredibly built restaurant/attraction, to small parks right along the Platte River where you can find people wakeboarding everyday. There is something for everyone here!
I absolutely love the city of Denver, CO. This city has just about everything you could ask of a city. The downtown areas are beautiful 24/7, and there is something to do on every single block. The suburban areas are also beautiful, and accessing the inner workings of the city is always easy. The number of professional sports teams here are also an awesome point of interest.
My experience in Denver has been wonderful, may places to visit. There is always a place to have fun, and not only does it have many activities but the view is very beautiful and relaxing a good place to find some peace. What I would like to see change is the traffic, but of course it does not affect the fact it is a wonderful place.
I'm born and raised in North West Denver known to be the Highlands area. Much has changed in my neighborhood growing up but they are good changes for the residents or tourists.
Traffic is really bad due to many people moving to the state and roads/highways are not maintenanced enough. There are pot holes every where.
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Aesthetically and Weather-wise it's just my speed but mostly everything else is a complete miss. The city is run by Con Artists as are the people that live there. People have zero worth ethic and the people are slow both physically and mentally. The COL is a complete joke and just keeps going up hence why people are leaving quickly. There might be some big name sports teams here but don't fool yourself, the people that live here are mostly WASPY rednecks.
I'm from a rust belt city and found Denver to be severely lacking in diversity and character. And, based on my own experience and that of many of the people I know, the salaries in general don't seem to be keeping up with the crazy increase in cost of living. Of course it's beautiful, being near the mountains, but four years there were enough for me.
Denver is a moderately-sized city that I really enjoy living in mostly because of the several outdoor activities that residents can do along with friendly businesses and employees. Since there are many various stores and organizations, it's very easy to find your way around the area and obtain what you need. As for housing prices though, they have been rising ever since there was an increase of Denver residents a few years ago. Despite the expensive housing, the landscape is very pleasant, the streets are improved constantly, and there are many job opportunities in this region.
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