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Mostly MAGA world if that’s your thing.
Lots of people who don’t wear masks because they have “personal rights” to not give a crap about others. Lots of drug related petty theft. The Sheriff himself not only exacerbates domestic violence by refusing to support regulation of guns for offenders, but disregards the governors Covid directives. Few good jobs. But there is a Walmart- that’s worth one star.
Native, born and raised, first 8 mayors of Delta were uncles, including the first mayor of Delta, uncle Crawford. Grand Father, started the first flour mill, and Clymers Ice Cream parlor. It is a small Agricultural community with inexperienced big town, city police force with little knowledge of country life, and a district attorney with sites on politic's instead of Justice. I am somehow going to help fix the many injustice practices by those with personal gains.
Small town, a very good place to raise a family and grow up but not many activities to do and people are very sheltered
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Delta is a great city to live in. We moved here just over a year and a half ago and we can't believe we didn't get here sooner.
I like the connections that you build, be it friends since kindergarten or people you meet at work, most people are friendly and kind. There is plenty to do outside in ways of being outdoors, you can hunt, fish, hike, and so much more. One thing that could change is that there isn't much to do inside, and you have to go to Grand Junction or Montrose to find something to take up time with.
Delta is great if you like a small town with small town mentality. If you were expecting opportunity for growth and business, one of the surrounding larger towns might be a better fit. Delta isn't all bad, it is locate right at the base of some amazing outdoor fun and isn't too far from GJ or Montrose for that larger city feel.
I moved to Delta when I was 6 years old, so I've mostly lived here all my life. Over the years, I've made a lot of great friends and met a lot of awesome people that have helped me along my path in life towards my future, and I'll be forever grateful for all of those great influences.
I have lived in and around Delta CO for my entire life and it may be small but I love it here. There is one of the only drive in theaters around and it is awesome. There are lots of friendly faces that are familiar and ready to lend a helping hand when needed.
I live in Delta, Colorado. It is a great little rural community. When the coal mines shut down are town took a giant hit, yet we are still here hoping the coal mines come back because they were a big part of the money in and out of this community.
The police are around, but they are too quick to let people off for their offenses.
There's very little diversity and hardly any want to change and progress the area. It has nice historical areas, but the people can be unpleasant. Many jobs were lost after the closing of the coal mines, but it is primarily the areas fault for fostering a dependency on the industry.
People are nice, not too many events going on
I really like living here. it is a small town so we dont have to worry much about crime. we know everyone and we have everything we need close by.
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