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I like Delran because it's small and safe. Its a run of the mill suburban town and it's got a great little community going. If I had to change one thing about our town it would be how fast projects get done. Right now our elected officials are not too hasty in finishing town projects that they're promised they would. Other than that our town is very homey and it's also very clean. Our police force is also extremely diligent and it's very rare to hear of serious crimes in our area. I'm proud to call Delran home.
Small town but lots of restaurants and very safe town. Also several families and lots of diversity in the area.
Small, tight-knit community in Delran. People know and support one another in their many endeavors. Lots of great, locally-owned places to buy a variety of goods.
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Good, relatively quiet place to live, pretty safe, close to everything. 10 minutes drive from city. All kinds of stores and restaurants are just a few minutes drive. Good public transportation
My experience with Delran Township growing up here is that it was the perfect place to grow up. The town in small which is nice because you really feel a sense of community! The schools are all great and give you a lot of really great experiences no matter what you get involved in! The sports programs are all great, the music department is amazing. No matter what you like to do, you have a lot o options! Since the town is small nothing is farther than ten minutes away which is convenient.
Great small town with friendly, hard-working people. Tax rate is a bit high, but public services and school system are excellent.
Delran is a nice place to live! We can find almost everything is this small city. It is a quiet city that has grown a lot with the trades. Families can find good houses to live in, houses here sell very fast, it's a great place to invest. Schools are also some of the best in the region.
I like our close knit community, and I like to see all the new companies opening up. There are so many restaurants, stores, gyms, schools, parks, and athletic fields that there is basically no reason to leave the town. Everything you could ever need is right there.
Delran is definitely a simple town for people who enjoy a quieter life in the suburbs. It has many parks and a decent amount of extra-curricular programs.
Nice small town, good for families. A lot to do in the surrounding area. Close to the city, but far enough away that none of the dangers of the city leak into the small town
I have lived in Delran for most of my life I am an African American girl who is a minority to the majority of white people wo love here. Although I am there is some what of equality between us the schools are above average and have the latest technology. The town is a very safe place to live with your family. The community is very nice but needs to improve in the activities they do to get people together.
Delran is generally a safe place. They have a good school system and everything is easy to reach. There are different neighborhoods that cater to different socioeconomic classes. In addition to adequate schooling, there are also several parks that are easily accessible. Delran is a pretty community-focused town that often holds various events to bring citizens together. Finally, there are a multitude of churches to attend.
I truly enjoy living in Delran. I would like more of a nightlife and more community activities. I feel so safe but sometimes cost of living is extremely high.
I would like to see the area cleaned up. It was very dirty, for instance the buildings need painted and trash cleaned up.
Grew up in Delran and I love the people & this town. I work here too at mikes pizza and it's a great community feeling
we lived near a police station but never had to call them
its and old and political place
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I always feel safe in my neighborhood. My neighbor is well-lit and I see cops frequently patrolling around my town, especially at night. There really is not any crime in my town, its a quiet town. Police do seat-belt checks, making sure drivers are being safe and wearing seat belts. Police also, reward children in neighborhoods exhibiting good acts such as wearing a helmet while riding a bike or crossing at a cross walk. I have no concerns about my community.
I really enjoy the area I live in. The town is not to big and not to small. The schools show a lot of school spirit, which made my years through the Delran school systems very fun. There are many things you can do in my town, such as go to parks, soccer fields, go to the gym, etc. We have two gyms, many dining choices, target, shop rite, and many more! This town is my home, and no matter where I end up going in life, I would always love to come back. Yes, I may want to expand out, and see new places in American such as Philadelphia or New York. I really enjoy my town, I always feel safe as well. Theres no crime really as well.
This is a family community where you raise your children. They will grow up with the kids in their grade and you'll grow with them as well.
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