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Delphi is a tight-knit community that loves to come together to overcome obstacles and heartbreak. It has been stricken with loss over the past couple years which has made our community stronger and more aware of issues and dangers present. In general, it is a safe town that you can walk places which very many different options such as: riley park, canal park/center, the courthouse, and small shops surrounding the town square.
I enjoy living in Delphi. It is a small community, and has most amenities nearby. If I could change one thing about Delphi it would be to have more places for people to gather and have fun. Maybe a movie theater or skating rink.
Delphi is a small town, how has been through a lot recently, but the community never backs down. Each person helps in someway with all parts of the community. The school and the community are very much one unit. Delphi is run by small businesses and farms, each benefiting another. All in all there may not be much to do but its a great community to be apart of.
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People are friendly and seem to be united. Many good places to eat and a small but yet not to small of a town.
I have lived in Delphi for approximately the last 13 years. Delphi is normally a very quiet, low key town.

The public schools in Delphi are very small.

There are very few good nightlife attractions in Delphi.

Property value in Delphi is not high. Thus, it may be a great place to buy, but could be hard to sell property if one later wishes to do so.

The cost of living is very reasonable and affordable.

There are not many places to exercise in the area. The Delphi Historic Trails that can be utilized for jogging, and there is one gym in town.

Since Delphi is a small town, ethnic diversity is limited. The population of Delphi is mostly composed of white working-class people.

A commute to one of the surrounding towns takes approximately 45 min.

There aren't many job opportunities in Delphi, but the job market in surrounding towns, particularly Lafayette, could prove very fruitful.
They're towards the end of construction projects that makes this small city look nicer! There is a lot of culture here in the Opera House, Local shops and diners, and in the Canal Center and trails.
I feel pretty safe here.
Not much to do for youth and teens...would be better if there was more to do.
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