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Where I live i see a lot of well kept houses/ lawns. For the most part people are good at up keep for their homes. There are minimal vacant/ abandoned properties. I live in a pretty good neighborhood in a school area
There are many workout facilities of all varieties. I use them frequently and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. I also see a lot of others in my area at the same workout facilities and eating clean.
There isnt a lot of crime in my area so its hard to say because it doesnt effect me much. There a lot of police cars, I see 3-4 a day on my way to and from work.
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During winter, it snows quite a bit and can get very cold some days where you need to bundle up in 2-3 layers and something covering your face and on other days is decent to be outside for a couple hours in 1-2 layers of clothing. When spring comes around people are excited to see the awful snow that has covered their cars to appear to be melting and the weather warming up as the flowers come into bloom. Summer can be an overbearing heat wave some days or a nice day for a picnic weather and maybe a spring dress is it gets warm enough. Fall brings a brisk morning followed by a warm afternoon where you only need a light jacket before you go outside.
The restaurants/ bars offer many great drinks and meals for an affordable and appropriate price. My favorite restaurant is Zombie Burger because of the delicious burgers and zombie sauce. Other than that there is a wide variety of places to eat such as Mexican food, Italian, Thai, Chinese, and American- all with great menus and food.
Most employment opportunities in my area are good to their staff and employees and treat them the way the should be treated. Many of the jobs around me are retail or fast food or some time of grocery store. There are a lot of job opportunities where I live and do not discriminate on age, race, religion or ethnicity.
Grannys Ice Cream Shop- it is the best ice cream shop in my area, they have many more varieties of things than the big franchised ice cream shops. they have an extremely nice staff and aim to please. They never disappoint.
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