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Development has gone unchecked in the area. Natural greenspace is almost unheard of. Retail is being built while established structures are vacant. There is little to no support from the current township officials to preserve the environment or listen to the residents. There is no feasible alternate transportation from gasoline-powered cars. Bike trails are not continuous and there is no public transportation, but lots and lots of traffic.
The area has great amenities and close access to major freeways which is actually 5 stars....however, if you or children have asthma or a breathing condition, be aware...Deerfield Twp allows outdoor burning..there are residents that constantly will burn their yard waste - sticks, limbs and tree branches which contain mold spores, etc. that can induce asthma attacks. Upon questioning the fire dept, they side with the waste burning homeowners. The only recourse the offended party has is to involve the EPA.....why Deerfield Twp chooses to ignore this problem and not adapt the EPA rules, is beyond me...they want this community to grow and be a great environment for families, yet allow a densely populated area to succumb to a campground environment. I have never had a problem with seasoned, clean burning firewood - it doesn't make the smoke that yard waste does. So, buyers beware of Deerfield Twp.
This is a very high profile, high income area. The most crime you ever see are within speeding tickets.
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This place is definitely better than other places that I've lived. It's a fantastic community with great people, but I'm not a family person. It's great for most people but I wasn't something different
I haven't heard any major crimes, just the occasional shoplifting. This city is great, you can leave your car unlocked (although I wouldn't recommend it wherever you are) and your car would be fine. I feel like police presence could be improved though. Even though crime is very low in this area, just having more police present would be better for everyone.
I love this area because I'm close to everything, from shopping centers, restaurants, movie theaters, and parks. There are a lot of things to do for fun for all ages, including college students which I find is great. I love the overall look and atmosphere, it's very comforting, open and "homey". I find this is one of the best cities to live in the nation (Mason, OH is the 6th best city to live in the nation, we were ranked!) for it's employment market, gas prices, and the quality of life. I went to William Mason High School and it's ranked as the biggest and one of the best high schools in Ohio! Great place to live, the home market is good, and you get a lot of "bang for your buck" wherever you go. Although, there are some things that should change to make it better. There are some parts of the roads where people speed and drive recklessly (texting while driving or under the influence). I wish police cars would monitor certain areas more because it's either underdeveloped or not a lot of traffic goes through. Also, I wish people would litter less or at least police enforce the laws more. Other than those things, I think this city is great for new families, couples, retiring families, etc.
I feel safe and am not concerned about crime ever.
Everyone here is friendly and the schools are amazing!
I love where I live and think it's an awesome place for families to live. Also being 18 years old and living here, there is a lot to do on the weekends and am always impressed by the new renovations that keep people wanting to stay around the area.
This area is close to a big city but our neighborhood is small enough that we know our neighbors. When I travel around I always love coming back to my home/area.
This area has a huge variety of things to do and see. There are always new stores and restaurants opening up as well as the long-loved favorites. We have theaters, museums, amusement parks, nature parks, schools, and many other features.
There is not much to do around here in Mason Ohio, except kings island and after going there so many times you get exceedingly bored.
Mason is a pretty safe area in the nicer parts, and although there is some crime, its not enough to make me feel unsafe.
There is no good form of public transportation and the street car that they plan on building within Cincinnati is not affordable to the public.
There is lots of nature and horse farms mixed in within the suburbs of Mason, its nice to see that the wildlife is still maintained within the area.
If you like 4 seasons and bipolar weather than Ohio is the place for you- but it's home. Summers get hot and winters get cold. Sometimes it takes a little longer for these transitions though.
There is lots of variety in what you can choose to eat, but Mason is in the suburbs so clubbing and party places for the younger crowd is mostly out of town and in the city.
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P&G is mainly located in Mason near Deerfield so there is a lot of diversity and growth in the job market.
Mason is and incredibly nice area to live in. There is a plethora of options from restaurants to even stores I want to shop in, and there are always new places popping up. Even though many large franchises test the waters in the area within Mason, there are also many smaller individually owned stores as well. When grocery shopping you can choose anywhere from WalMart to little ethnic stores.
Most people that live here are upper middle class. If you are looking for a summer job, it is hard. It is also hard to find a job with certain careers.
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