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Deerfield is a very family friendly town with many people living in it. Overall, there is not much diversity among the people and it is quite expensive to live here. Deerfield is very hardworking and passionate about their work and I admire that about our town.
I like that it is a safe and well-educated community, however there is very little diversity in the population and taxes are very high. The school districts are really great and is nice community for young families.
It is very kid friendly. Many many parks for kids to play. Most parks have been recently upgraded. Sunday summers host live music at one of the parks. The park district offers many different classes for kids of all ages. Friendly neighborhoods!
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Deerfield is a wealthy suburb in the North Shore of Chicago. However, interestingly enough, people from here still believe they are from "Chicago" despite having a completely different cultural experience from those living in the inner city. Deerfield has many great restaurants and family experiences, but its nightlife is lacking. Overall, it is a very safe area that is great for families, but definitely isn't easy on the pocketbook.
Overall nice place to live. Definitely competitive in every aspect. Feels like people connect mostly through their kids.
I like the area because it's not too small but not a big city. The schools and public places are of good quality. It's a safe place and the local businesses are good. However, I think the roads could be better.
I like that Deerfield is an incredibly safe town. It's parks are well managed and the schools here are consistently ranked some of the best in the state. There are some people here who can be snotty, but on average, people look out for their neighbors and are very kind.
I love Deerfield and all it has given me. The majority of the population is well off and it definitely shows. However, the education system is great and it is very family-friendly. A great town for kids to grow up in and to raise a family.
I am attending a local school and can say, that Deerfield is a rich, white suburban neighborhood. Stores besides Walmart are relatively expansive, the same thing with gas. The gas price can vary up to 20 cents to the neighbor city. On the other side, people are living their life and criminality is really low. Deerfield itself is really small, maybe 3000 people. While it is so little, it only has gas stations and fast food restaurants. Also, what I am wondering about , at least 4 banks are located their.
Deerfield is a beautiful community in a north suburb of Chicago. Our community has a number of incredible citizens. People in Deerfield strive to be the best we can be, citizens in Deerfield won't take second place. Our public schools have incredible grounds and dedicated staff. It's an incredibly safe place to live with low levels of crime. There are plently of jobs in Deerfield avaliable if you are willing to look.
Deerfield is a nice village located in Lake County, just north of Cook County. The cost of living is slightly less compared to Cook County. The public roads are clean and are in good condition. Commuting is aided by use of Metra train, and easy access to 294. Deerfield is located near Northbrook and have common affluent communities and public services.
Great schools, but not diverse in the slightest which makes it hard for minorities, including me, to socially acclimate.
Deerfield, Illinois is conveniently located about 17 miles north of the city center of Chicago, nestled between the Tri-State Tollway and the Edens Expressway. Deerfield offers an abundance of parks, community spaces, shopping options, and dining destinations. With some of the most notable public schools in the country, Deerfield is an excellent choice for those seeking a community with a distinguished school system.
Deerfield is a great community however, I would like to see more diversity in here.
Shopping and restaurants are limited. Health and wellness is a major focus. A terrific school district.
It's a very green and friendly place. There are no negative experiences I can recall except for a delay of clearing the snow. It is also great to have so many stores and restaurants within 15 minutes of the town.
Deerfield is a boring but safe place. I am getting a great education. I have made amazing friends here and gotten many opportunities.
The best place on the north shore, a beautiful town with excellent schools and friendly people. Very safe and very nice.
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Deerfield has offered opportunities to the youth here that are unmatched by other areas. With a strong school system consisting of supportive teachers, a friendly staff, and a world class education, kids are leaving Deerfield intellectually well prepared for the world. It is extremely safe and such a giving community. There are endless opportunities for part time jobs, volunteering, and getting involved in the community.
Deerfield is a great town, located just a 30 minute drive from Chicago. The Public schools are some of the best in Illinois, and the town is very safe.
It's a very safe town, but not much to do unless you drive out a bit. The public school system is great but public transportation is lacking.
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