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Beautiful town, with rich history and friendly people. A very close knit strong community. The academics are outstanding as well as the extracurricular activities, the community is very active within the school. Deborah students strive to help the community in every way possible.
Decorah is a great town located in the northeast corner of Iowa. It has a small liberal arts college and lots of amenities in it's downtown district. Decorah is a very safe and clean town.
It's a very small town, but the main street is super cute. Everything is pretty much within walking distance, and the town is very well kept. Being someone from the city I must say it is a very nice small town.
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There have been some crimes in the area but not many considering it is a college town
I like living here because it is a small close nit community but sometimes I'd like to live in a larger area
In Decorah, there is almost a cop car patrolling or responding every 3 or 4 miles because our town is very safe they are not used a ton of the time. There are no crimes prevalent in Decorah and when a crime is committed it is normally a small theft from Wal-mart or something of that extent.
When I get out of college, I plan on eventually moving back to this area. The amount of activities are not an abundance but it always a safe area. The distance from major cities are not that high and the level of sport quality is amazing due to great coaches.
Great people, beautiful, weather is fairly mild, and love the small-business/small-town feel overall.
There are lots of fun mom and pop shops in Northeast Iowa that are worth checking out. There are also a ton of great outdoor opportunities in the region!
Very small town, not a lot to do if you're active.
A few jobs for students, but all seem to love their jobs!
Lots of opportunities to work outdoors, growing
Mabe's Pizza, it is the best!
I feel very safe in this area. We are given alerts when there are suspicion subjects in the neighborhood. Policemen are easily assessable.
People love coming here, so the job market is fairly competitive.
Oneota Market does an excellent job at appealing to those who are interested in locally grown items.
I wouldn't say anything is too bad or overly great. Most of it is just typical service you'd expect from anywhere. There aren't many big companies around. There is a Wal-mart here on the edge of town but there are also a lot of little shops in town that have unique things to buy. There are two grocery stores in town, there's a gym or two, many restaurants and a few hardware places.
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Due to this area having farms around, it often smells like manure. The air quality here isn't great and never really smells "fresh". The rivers water has run off from farms so is full of silt, fertilizers, and manure. However there are wooded areas that are kept fairly clean. The parks are usually very clean minus the occasional piece or two of trash that is really unavoidable to take care of every single day.
Most of the kids I went to school with were born and raised here. Many people move away and eventually a lot come back eventually. The happiness of people and the friendliness of people is really based on if you don't stand out too much and have money. Truthfully depending on the money you make somewhat determines your friends and how you will be treated. Obviously that isn't the case for everyone but I personally have seen it happen.
The community is generally older. Mostly the younger people who have lived here and aren't going to be working on their family farm or are from in town move away. The younger people here are pretty nice. Since it so small everyone knows everyone in one way or another. To my knowledge, there aren't too many community events to take part in. Overall though the community is decent once you start to know more and more people.
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