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I grew up here when it was thriving & booming ( 70s & 80s) now Ive moved back and in the seven years ( 2012) since Ive been back Ive seen such decline such as business closings, crimes, panhandlers, poor economy, and a city council that doesnt listen to the needs of the public. I lived in once quiet, nice, off the beaten path area that has turned drug ridden, unsafe, and its not safe to go out after dark. I have lived other places and would love to leave again as people are. This town is not growing or thriving its dying sad but true
I like that there is so many options to shop around in town to where you don’t have to travel far to get what you need. I dislike how high the crime rate has become id really like the rates to go down.
I love the diverse feeling of it all. There is so much room for learning and growing in our town. While there aren't a ton of entertainment spots, we have so many restaurant options, hotel options, store options, etc. Some areas are dangerous, but not many towns are lacking of that these days.
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I was not born and raised in Decatur. So, I feel I have a little more credibility since I have lived in better towns. To start: their is a new crime story at least 5 nights a week. Secondly, the amount of disrespectful people is appalling. And lastly, the people on the roads are crazy. I could go on and on about the annoying things in Decatur, but I decided to only list the important topics.
I've lived in Decatur all of my life and there are a lot of good things this city has to offer. From new and improving job opportunities to new improvements at the local zoo. Decatur has a lot to offer and I can't wait to see all the growth that with come with time.
If you’re looking for a community of friendly people, beautiful parks, multiple churches, and good schools, this is your place. Decatur is one of the most affordable housing markets in the nation. I only wish we attracted more corporations and had Amtrak service.
If I could go lower, I would. I grew up there, parents are still there. It is depressing to visit, and a cloud lifts as I depart. As a child, in the era before social media, I thought all towns were like this, with violence and racial strife part of the daily fabric. As a kid I always carried some money I could part with to avoid a beat down by the bangers. I never wore a watch or ring. In my parent's day, Decatur was a manufacturing town. In the 60's and 70's three quarters of boys in a high school class simply went to work the June of the year they got their diploma at Borg Warner, GE, Firestone, Staley's, ADM, and the best of the best, Caterpillar. Decatur was solidly middle class. Today large swaths of town have median household incomes under $20,000. Only two public high schools remain open.
I grew up in Forsyth. The pros of Decatur - very friendly people, moderate politically, If your in the suburbs its super safe, its a buyers market for real estate, the Zoo and the Children's Museum. Its half way between Chicago and St. Louis so you can go for the weekend to either. Cons - Its a dying town. The big companies are moving out. ADM moved their HQ out of Decatur to Chicago taking a lot of rich people with them. Theres not much to do in Decatur, its a small town. Theres not that diverse of places to eat. There are just not jobs here. The down is declining. It wasn't the worst place to grow up but it certainly could have been better. The schools are pretty pathetic. They didn't even offer AP classes at my school.
I have lived in the town of Decatur my whole life and have been deeply involved in the community. There aren’t many opportunities within the town and the public schools are on a decline. Teachers have stopped caring about actually bettering their students.
I grew up in the area, so I'm used to Decatur. It does have a lot of trees and looks beautiful in an aerial shot. However, the town needs a lot of work on infrastructure, and the amount of trains is very frustrating.
Decatur is my hometown I love it here . Great places to raise a family and to work. There are many places to go and see throughout. Decatur is starting to become better than it was years ago.
Decatur is a new and upcoming town that has a lot of potential. However, growing up in Decatur left a lot to be desired. My education was great, although I was not in the Public School system. The community is great, people really love this town and that's why there are big changes coming. As a teenager, there's very limited activities to participate in. Overall, a great sense of community with little extracurriculars.
Not much to do, that doesn't include bowling and eating, but I still live here so I find stuff to do somehow.
I’ve lived here my whole 17 years of life. I like how it’s a simple place and my entire family live here. It would be nice though if there were things to do around here entertainment wise, but there is also a homelessness issue I would like to see change. It would also be great if minors weren’t intimidated drugs, drinking, or sex. Many are into those things so I don’t have a lot of friends because I like to keep away from those types of things.
It's affordable to live in Decatur compared to other places in Illinois. That's about its only redeeming quality. I hated it so much that I left Illinois entirely, and I'll never go back to Decatur again.
Decatur, although struggling in some aspects, has made leaps and bounds in the past decade to beautify and modernize itself. Downtown improvements have also made it a more popular place for nightlife, and there is always events going on in town. Whether it be fundraisers, cool outdoor music, or even art festivals! I would recommend Decatur for someone who wants a lot to do, but the feeling of a medium sized town.
While there have been some recent rumors of new developments that seem to have a chance at putting Decatur back on track, the problems the city has been facing continue to ensue today. Homelessness rates are on the rise along with addiction, community loved businesses continue to close, and overall poverty is prominent.
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I am a Student at Millikin University in Decatur IL. The town itself has good parts and bad parts but lately there have been a few shootings near campus.
it is different but the drivers here are ridiculous. the people here are nice for the most part. there is not much to do but at the same time there is just not close to my location.
Decayturd, ILL is just an old ran down, repulsive smelly town, that is plagued with a high violent crime rate per capita. It is a town that shows a definite divide between the haves and the have notes. The town has a high literacy rate, with only 63% of the town's population even graduated high school, and much less only about 20% have graduated college with a mere 4 year degree. This place is also a very boring place, however the town is one of the cheapest big towns in downstate Illinois to live in, and it's obvious as to why that is the way it is...Yeah Decayturd is an awesome place to live, that is if you don't care and scuzzy is your style...LOL BTW, The Decatur Club was a dump, in comparison to other towns private dinner clubs.
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